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Geolocation used by Blockfeed to dish out local news

The company is now working location based news opportunities into its offerings for mobile users.

The last decade has been just as defining as the one before it in terms of changing the way that people consume news and media as a whole, and Blockfeed is now jumping onto the latest trend that uses geolocation to ensure that people are receiving the stories that are relevant to them.

A large number of major news publications are already offering online alternative options, but this is another step up.

The new Blockfeed app has now launched for Android devices and is marketing itself as a new way for people to be able to consume news media. This is because it works with geolocation data from within a smartphone or tablet. It uses that data to be able to “hyper localize” its experience in order to generate a relatively precise one. In some cases, the experience can be brought right down to a city block from the user’s actual location. The mobile app then curates stories that have been aggregated from a broad spectrum of different sources and presents them to the user in a list.

This geolocation based list of stories can then be viewed by the user who can select the story that interests them.

Geolocation Technology - NewsWhen the story is selected, the user is directed to the actual source page where it was initially published, so that they can continue to read as much of it as they’d like. The Blockfeed app also uses a type of algorithm that allows the popularity of a specific story to be recognized. That algorithm takes into account a number of different factors, such as the number of times the story has been shared over social media. Those factors also help to decide which stories will be at the top of the list when the app is opened up.

Equally, it also ensures that there is a full spectrum of news media available to the reader, as smaller blogs are placed right along with the major publications.

The initial launch of Blockfeed has made its geolocation capabilities available only to users who are in New York City, which is where the headquarters of the company are located. That said, the company did report that it intends to bring the news app to other “dense urban areas” and “high-quality local journalism scenes”. For the time being, New York City suits that need perfectly and is the home of the initial launch, but it will be expanded and rolled out in other areas over time.

Geolocation dual social networking app is launched by Jiveocity

The new mobile application for consumers and businesses is powered by Google.

Jiveocity is an interactive social networking mobile app that utilizes geolocation technology, giving consumers the ability to view and interact with each other at any location and also enabling businesses to send out direct messages to any user who is within 200 feet of the business establishment.

The location based social networking app provides both types of users with many convenient options.

Being a dual app, this allows Jiveocity to provide both consumers and businesses with the power to use social networking to its full potential. For consumers, this means interacting with one another when they are out and about in any bricks and mortar location and having the ability to take advantage of offers sent to them by companies within their vicinity and communicate with them, as well. For business users, they can attract potential customers to their establishments by automatically sending out offers, promotions, etc.

More specifically, how Jiveocity works for consumers is it lets them see who else may be in the physical building with them. They can send greets, messages, friend requests, go invisible for privacy, join friends’ locations, establish favorite locations, and even join any location’s chat room.

As for businesses, the dual location based social networking application gives these users the ability to view who is at their location and enables them to contact consumers who are up to 200 feet from their establishment. They can send videos, photos and coupons. Also, company’s can broadcast their live cams and chat with customers using the Jive chat rooms.

The geolocation app aims is aiming to take networking to a whole new level.

According to the Kickstarter page for the Jiveocity mobile application, one of the developer’s goals is “to increase social networking by allowing users to easily and securely connect with one another in any real-world establishment.” Jiveocity’s head of product development, Thomas Hines, has called the app “a method of networking that will change the world.”

Currently, the geolocation social networking mobile app can be downloaded for free at Google Play and on iTunes.