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London buses use beacon technology to deliver location-based ads to travelers

Proxama has launched the first of its mobile proximity ad campaigns on London buses.

This move, which has equipped 500 of London’s famous double-decker buses with Proxama’s Bluetooth-powered beacon technology, marks a key milestone in the industry. The buses will deliver real-time travel updates as well as relevant in-app ads to travelers who have signed up for the service.

Half a million travelers have already signed up for the service.

The project was developed by advertising giant Exterion Media and app developer Mapway. Proxoma’s beacon Mobile SDK was integrated into its Bus Times London mobile app, which deploys in-app ads to the mobile devices of passengers with the application. This allows marketers to capitalize on what is known as “dwell time”; the 17 minutes of idle activity that occurs during the average London bus journey.

London Bus - Beacon TechnologyMore specifically, the half a million (and counting) users of the app receive contextually aware ads that “capitalize on the consumer’s exact physical context,” reported The Verge. Android users of the app started receiving the apps earlier this year and now they have also rolled out on iOS as well.

Location-based advertising using beacon technology drives higher consumer engagement levels.

According to a recent press release announcing the launch of the UK’s largest iBeacon consumer transport experience on London buses, brands that use beacon-triggered enhanced advertising have discovered that delivering contextually-relevant experiences boosts consumer engagement levels.

For instance, Sticky9 is seeing a 14.5% click-through rate average, which is much higher than the usually 1% or 2% of advertising that isn’t beacon-triggered.

What makes the particular enhanced Bus Times London app a particular hit with users is that aside from being sent relevant in-app ads that allow brands to capitalize on the consumer’s precise physical context and dwell time to deliver the best ads at the right time to increase click-through rates, it also provides users with real-time travel updates for the exact route on which they’re travelling.

Commenting on the partnership with Mapway and Exterion Media, Proxama’s marketing division CEO Jon Worley stated in the press release that “This collaboration is a huge milestone for the proximity marketing industry. App owners are looking for ways to increase active user numbers and establish new sources of revenue, and beacons can deliver on both objectives.” Worley added that the partnership is just one more indication “that 2016 is the year that beacon technology for marketing gains significant traction.”

Thinknear called top mobile marketing company by Gartner

The location based advertising firm has now been named a leader in smartphone marketing.

Thinknear, by Telenav has just received some very high praise from Gartner, which has just named the company as being a leader when it comes to the location based mobile marketing field.

This came in the form of being named a Gartner Cool Vender within the mobile marketing category for 2015.

Smartphone based marketers require accurate location information for targeting their current customers and potential shoppers within precisely the right period of time, and at the right place. Gartner has identified four providers of this type of service that have been driving innovation in mobile marketing, particularly those with a focus on location based advertising to be able to effectively target mobile device users at the right time and place.

Also taken into consideration was the ability of those innovations to actually measure the impact that the advertising had on the behaviors of those consumers.

Among those considered by Gartner, Thinknear made it into the top leaders group for mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing - Top FirmAccording to the Thinknear by Telnav president, Loren Hillberg, “We consider it a huge honor to be recognized by Gartner as a leader in the mobile marketing field.” Hillberg went on to add that the Location Score platform from Thinknear provides the company with the ability to offer “extremely accurate audience targeting solutions for our brand and agency partners and we are excited to continue our focus on building products that connect brands with their mobile audience.”

Considering the importance that mobile advertising and location based ads have in the current marketplace, and the weight that is held by the opinions of Gartner, Telnav certainly has reason to celebrate over the recognition that its Thinknear service has received.

All of the details of the scoring and the various considerations that were made were all outlined in the complete “Cool Vendors in Mobile Marketing, 2015” report that was issued by Gartner. Each of the other vendors that were identified within that report – including Aislelabs, PlaceIQ, and Shelfbucks – will certainly be exercising their own well earned bragging rights.