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Kongregate takes on mobile games

Mobile games catch the attention of Kongregate

Kongregate has served as a host for online, browser-based games since being launched in late 2006. The platform supports a wide variety of online games that have been developed by independent studios and even individuals. The platform has garnered a great deal of support for this approach to gaming and now Kongregate is working to enter into an increasingly popular sector within the game industry: Mobile games. Kongregate has high hopes for mobile games and is keen to leverage its past experience in to make these games even more popular than they already are.

First mobile titles to be released this month

The first mobile games that will be released under the Kongregate banner will be Tyrant: Unleashed from Synapse Games and BloodRealm from RedPoint Labs. Numerous other mobile games will be supported on the platform in the coming months. All of these games will be free-to-play, but will include microtransactions. Gamers will be able to pay for additional content and services and these funds will go toward the developers of these mobile games, with a small percentage being taken by Kongregate as well.

Mobile Games - KongregateMobile games continue to generate hype with consumers

Mobile games have quickly become one of the most popular sectors in the game industry. These games are enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world and their popularity continues to grow as smartphones and tablets become more common. Kongregate is keen to take advantage of the popularity of mobile games while also offering a powerful platform upon which independent developers can reach out to consumers.

Game industry grows increasingly interested in the mobile space

Kongregate is not the only organization in the game industry that is interested in mobile games, of course. Zynga, which had once been considered the dominant force in social gaming, has also taken a strong interest in mobile games. Both Electronic Arts and Square Enix also have a strong interest in mobile games and have plans to support these titles in the future.

Mobile games get more support from Gamestop

GameStop mobile gamesGamestop invests in mobile games

Mobile games may be having a negative impact on traditional retail stores, but that does not mean that the trend is not something to pay close attention to. Gamestop, one of the leading game retailers in the world, has experienced turbulence in the advent of mobile games. The company is expected to close more than 500 stores in the U.S. in the coming years, but that does not mean that the gaming giant in out for the count. Instead of looking for a way to beat mobile games, Gamestop has decided to invest more into the support of such games.

Kongregate platform gearing to throw more support at mobile games developers

Gamestop does not seem to harbor any ill will against mobile games, suggesting that their rise to fame is just another way the game industry is evolving. The company has a full-fledged mobile gaming platform called Kongregate, which allows consumers to play free games online. The platform has proven successful for Gamestop and has helped many games from independent developers reach a large audience. Gamestop has announced a new initiative that is designed to help fund the development of mobile games throughout the industry.

Gamestop establishes $10 million development fund

Through Kongregate, Gamestop has set up a $10 million game development fund that is meant to help independent game developers create free-to-play games for the mobile space. The fund is tied to the Kongregate Mobile Developers program, which offers assistance for ambitious developers who have innovative ideas for mobile games. The program offers cash advance to cover some development aspects, monetization consulting, and promotion through the Kongregate platform.

Mobile games continue to attract serious attention

Mobile games have become a market that cannot be ignored. Developers focusing specifically on the mobile space have managed to find great success in the past and platforms like Kongregate are examples of this success. Gamestop expects to begin introducing new mobile games that are supported through its new fund program to the Kongregate platform in the near future.