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Mobile commerce revenue growth for retailers

Kiip releases information on growing mobile revenues

Kiip, a mobile marketing firm, has released information concerning the top mobile commerce brands. The data from Kiip highlights which brands have found the most success in mobile commerce in 2013. Retailers have taken a strong interest in the mobile sector due to the rapidity at which smartphone and tablet ownership is going. Consumers have been showing favor for mobile shopping because of its convenience and the deals that many retailers have been offering specifically to mobile consumers.

Specialty retailers find major success in mobile space

According to the information compiled by Kiip, the retailers leading mobile commerce are JackThreads, Rue La La, Groupon, and Fab. These retailers have a significant lead over other brands when it comes to mobile revenue generation. Notably, both Amazon and eBay have seen relatively little mobile growth when compared to other retailers despite how much effort they have put into mobile commerce. Smaller, more specialized retailers seem to have been able to engage consumers more effectively with their mobile initiatives.

Mobile traffic is on the rise

retail mobile commerce growthKiip notes that mobile traffic to retail sites has grown by an average of 39% over what it had been in 2012. Consumers are flocking to mobile retail sites in order to shop, especially during the holiday season. Retailers have been reporting a significant increase in mobile sales during the 2013 holiday shopping season as they find success with their mobile engagement initiatives.

Mobile marketing is gaining prominence

As mobile commerce grows, mobile marketing is quickly becoming more important for businesses. Retailers that have not invested in mobile marketing have been unable to effectively engage consumers on smartphones and tablets. This has limited their appeal to those interested in mobile commerce. Mobile-centric consumers are more likely to engage in mobile marketing initiatives than traditional marketing due to the more interactive nature of the former.

Tablet commerce expectations are sky high for Jackthreads

Jackthreads - Tablet CommerceThe retailer expects that its mobile sales will increase beyond 50 percent with its new iPad app.

The flash sale, members only online retailer, Jackthreads, has already been reporting considerable successes over the mobile channel in terms of its sales, and is now sending its expectations sky high as it focuses on tablet commerce through its new iPad app.

The company already boast 4 million members, made up primarily of younger men.

Those customers have eagerly downloaded the smartphone apps for iPhone and Android over 2 million times, says the company. Now, it has expanded its application offerings by creating a tablet commerce app available for iPad users who would prefer to shop for products using a larger screen than smartphones.

The tablet commerce app complements the smartphone applications and the mobile website.

Currently, the company is reporting that 40 percent of its sales are generated through the use of smartphones through its app and m-commerce website. It now believes that its tablet commerce experience – through the launch of the iPad app – will be tremendously popular and will drive the mobile figure up to a full 50 percent or more.

Using the tablet commerce application will allow the company’s members to be able to swipe and browse through approximately 1,000 different brands and themed shops. The design of the iPad app picks up from the original layout that the company has been using for smartphones, and goes from there.

Jackthreads does have reason to have such high expectations for its tablet commerce experience through the new app. At the moment, approximately 5 percent of the total traffic to the company’s standard website comes from iPad devices. Moreover, those shoppers have conversion rates that are three times better than other types of mobile device. Their average orders are also 40 percent greater than other mobile device shoppers.

If the iPad tablet commerce app is truly capable of driving the mobile sales share over the 50 percent mark, this will be the first time that it has occurred in the history of the company, according to the co-founder and CEO of the Thrillist Media Group (operator of Jackthreads), Ben Lerer.