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Mobile payments field is growing more competitive

Mobile commerce platforms are beginning to be held to a higher standard

Mobile commerce may be growing in popularity, but that also means that it is coming under more aggressive scrutiny. Consumers are becoming less inclined to accommodate mobile platforms that are inherently flawed and lack appropriate security and convenience features. As such, a growing number of mobile payment platforms that had sought success in the mobile field are beginning to suffer from the fact that many consumers are simply no longer willing to justify their use of faulty products.

Large platforms manage to overcome some of the more serious issues plaguing mobile commerce

Large mobile platforms like Isis and Google Wallet have managed to sidestep some scrutiny due to their strong backing from major companies and the fact that they have either avoided falling prey to serious flaws or fixed their flaws in early stages of their launch. Smaller platforms, however, are finding it difficult to establish traction with consumers. Some of the platforms come from retailers and other businesses that are eager to enter into the mobile commerce space. This eagerness has produced some lackluster mobile payments services that have not done well among consumers.

Report highlights ambitious platforms that solve real problems

Mobile Payments CompetitionPlatforms from small organizations are not doomed to fail, of course. A recent report from Kristina Yee of M4 Associates, highlights five platforms that could find success in the mobile space. Cardis is noted in the report as being capable of tackling the problem of microtransactions. Cardis aims to allow merchants to offer goods at a low price to consumers by reducing transaction fees. Bitpay is another service that aims to create a bridge between digital and physical currencies without attempting to make physical currencies obsolete.

Smaller organizations are feeling the need to resolve problematic issues

Small organizations are beginning to understand that they need to take steps to address real problems t hat exist in the mobile space rather than simply make mobile commerce more available. These organizations are beginning to focus on improving mobile commerce security and accessibility while also providing solutions that resolve some of the issues that exist in traditional commerce.

Isis mobile wallet activates 20,000 new users per day

The company also stated that it brought in 600,000 new members over the last month.

The Isis mobile wallet joint venture in the Unites States has now released a report that has indicated that it is activating an average of 20,000 new users per day, and that during the last month, it enjoyed an addition of 600,000 members over what it had previously registered.

Isis is the joint venture that brings AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile U.S. together.

This mobile wallet, like the other giants in this category, had a very slow start, facing far more challenges to adoption than had been anticipated. Now, it is gradually releasing a trickle of data to help to show its marketplace performance since its initial nationwide launch in November. Michael Abbott, the CEO of the company, wrote in a blog post that the current activation rate had reached double what it had been during the month before. That said, the company failed to mention exactly how many total activations had occurred since its NFC technology using mobile payments service became available.

There are now 68 different device models from the telecoms that support the Isis mobile wallet.

At the same time, Isis comes preloaded on 14 smartphones from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, and the plan is to add even more preloaded devices in the future. In his blog post, Abbott added that “We plan to further broaden our ecosystem of partners to provide customers with more options as well as new ways to save. We’ll continue to offer compelling consumer deals–all with the goal of helping consumers become ever more comfortable with mobile wallets.”Mobile Wallet - Isis

He also explained that in that vein, they will maintain their goal toward innovation to ensure that the users of Isis will be able to take advantage of an experience that is “simple and enjoyable” as they make their product purchases and complete their payment transactions.

A spokesperson for the company underscored the fact that this mobile wallet is now accepted at “hundreds of thousands” of store locations across the country that currently support mobile payments using contactless NFC technology. Some of these include Coca Cola vending machines, Jamba Juice, and even McDonald’s.