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Will Apple Change the Mobile Payments Space?

Apple has taken its first official step into the world of mobile commerce with the introduction of the iPhone 6 and Apple Pay. The new iPhone will have a variety of features that make it popular with long term iOS fans, but it will also be equipped with an NFC chip that allows it to participate in mobile commerce. NFC support has been something that Apple customers have been wanting for a long time. When the iPhone 5 was unveiled, iOS fans criticized Apple for its lack of NFC support.

Apple Pay is meant to make mobile payments more convenient among consumers. Numerous financial institutions have announced their support for the service, which means that a lot of people will be able to use Apple Pay without having to open accounts with financial firms that they are not comfortable with. The service has also been embraced by numerous companies in the retail industry, which are beginning to grow more inclusive when it comes to mobile commerce. This is nothing new in the mobile space, however.

Mobile Payments Space - AppleWhen it comes to mobile commerce, many financial institutions and retail organizations embrace new services in order to connect with mobile consumers more effectively. This behavior is also common among consumers. People often embrace new services as they become available, but jump from one service to the next as they see fit. Apple Pay is not immune to this behavior, and if it cannot provide consumers with enough incentive to continue using it, people will find something similar, but more aligned with their interests.

Apple Pay has one thing that is working against it: NFC technology. Ironically, Apple had initially been leery of NFC because of its supposed lack of security. With the iPhone 6, NFC technology has been embraced by the company, but the device will not work with any other mobile payments platform apart from Apple Pay. This means that iPhone 6 owners will not be able to use their device’s NFC chip with any other NFC-enabled mobile commerce service.

Mobile wallet finally unveiled by Apple

Apple Pay will put the electronics giant in direct competition with services like Google Wallet and PayPal.

Apple Inc. announced on September 9 that it would be introducing a mobile wallet service entitled Apple Pay to its new iPhone 6 mobile devices, which were also unveiled at the event last Tuesday, and the company revealed that its digital wallet is integrated with its fingerprint ID security system and Passbook credential-storage app.

Apple Pay lets iPhone 6 users pay for purchases in-store with their smartphone.

Users will also be able pay for purchases using the service online though apps. According to Apple, using its payment systems is more secure and convenient than using a debit or credit card. Since Apply Pay has been designed to fit in with Apple’s Passbook app, which already enables users to store merchant loyalty cards, store coupons and tickets, the service is fairly simple to use.

To utilize the mobile payments technology within physical stores, users merely need to wave their smartphone in front of a compatible terminal to pay with one of their credit cards stored on the app. The payment is sent to the terminal via near field communication, also known as NFC technology, which is made possible through a chip that has been embedded in the new phones.

mobile wallet - nfc paymentsCurrently, tens of thousands of retailers across America will accept it. Some of these include well known companies such as Macy’s, Target, Whole Foods Market, Starbucks and McDonald’s. This will give iPhone 6 users the ability to buy just about any item with a simple wave of their smartphone.

In addition, Apple’s partnership with payments processing start-up Stripe will help small app developers to power their transactions using Apple Pay.

The Apple Pay mobile wallet could make mobile payments more popular.

Aside from retailers, Apple has teamed up with three major credit card companies, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. These deals may help Apple succeed in the mobile payments space where other companies have so far had no luck.

According to the CEO of Visa, Charles W. Scharf, “Lots of companies have tried this before, but our security and the Apple payment experience will be the two biggest drivers here.” If more Apple users begin to use their smartphones to make payments, this could push other companies with digital wallet services to make similar deals with credit card companies and retailers.

At the moment, many analysts believe that if there is any company that can persuade consumers on how valuable a mobile wallet can be, Apple is the one to do it.