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Room Locator now makes it possible to control smart home devices in individual rooms automatically

Room Locator now makes it possible to control smart home devices in individual rooms automatically

Room Locator is a smart motion detector that triggers smart home actions when entering or leaving a room.

Room Locator now makes it possible to control smart home devices

Munich, March 6, 2017 Room Locator by LinkDesk is the smart motion detector that controls smart home devices simply upon entering or leaving a room. A smartphone or tablet uses Bluetooth to recognize Room Locator and on doing so, triggers preselected actions. When combined with the iOS app “Devices”, it enables HomeKit devices to be easily managed, conveniently linked, and simultaneously controlled. An IFTTT connection provides additional application options when used with additional smart home devices and online services. 

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The facts at a glance:

  • Room Locator is the smart motion detector that makes it possible to control smart home devices automatically, when entering and leaving a room
  • A smartphone or tablet recognizes Room Locator via Bluetooth and triggers programmed actions
  • It manages, links to and controls HomeKit devices, thanks to the intuitive “Devices” app (iOS 9.0 or later)
  • An IFTTT connection makes it possible to link additional smart home products and online services
  • Suitable for room sizes between 10 and 40 square meters
  • Compact design: 5,1 centimetres in diameter and 1,2 centimetres deep
  • Weight: 19 grams
  • Battery-powered with a service life of two years
  • Items delivered: Room Locator including battery
  • The Room Locator is now available for €29.95 in stores and online on Amazon and other retailers

The room as a control unit

Early in the morning, upon entering the kitchen, the light goes on immediately, the heat is turned up, the radio is switched on, and the coffee machine is already brewing coffee. This scenario has been triggered simply by an inconspicuously mounted motion detector. Working in conjunction with the “Devices” iOS app, the Room Locator by LinkDesk has automatically turned on HomeKit devices to increase comfort inside the four walls of the kitchen. Upon entering the room, the iPhone or other Apple device has recognized the smart motion detector via Bluetooth and automatically triggered programmed actions. It is just as easy to define what is supposed to happen upon leaving the room.

The Room Locator is optimized for room sizes between 10 and 40 square meters, is battery-operated, and can be mounted anywhere in the room using the adhesive pad that comes with it.

Intuitive app for the operation of HomeKit devices

The “Devices” app by LinkDesk was specially designed for managing and controlling HomeKit devices. It provides an organized overview and an intuitive user interface. HomeKit-enabled lamps, electric sockets, thermostats, and many other devices can be logically grouped and allocated to individual rooms. By establishing scenes, the actions of these devices can be networked and controlled simultaneously. The Room Locator triggers the relevant scene in each case. In order to optimally match smart home activities to individual needs, additional settings such as time or the status of particular devices can be set as conditions. For example, the light is only switched on if the room is entered after a certain hour. Or the baby monitor is only activated after leaving the room if the night light was left on.

IFTTT opens up even more possibilities of usage

With an IFTTT connection, the Room Locator can be combined not just with HomeKit products but also with other smart home devices and online services. With simple if-then commands, the smart door lock can lock the front door, for example, as soon as the entry area is left. Or, when you enter and leave your home office, the time you spent working is automatically recorded in a document and filed online.

Availability and price

The Room Locator by LinkDesk is now available in stores and online at Amazon at a price of €29.95.


LinkDesk is a future-oriented startup, founded in 2014 in Munich. The company’s goal is to simplify significantly the use of modern smart home technologies, and thus enable a particularly intuitive kind of smart home best suited to everyday life. The young developer team has put lots of love into its software and hardware solutions, offering users an unusually simple and yet outstanding user experience. www.linkdesk.com

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iBuySell – turns online auction shopping to a thrilling competition

iBuySell – a new kind of real-time peer-peer mobile marketplace for shopping where thousands of items from fashion to tech gadgets can be found, has just announced its launch via Indiegogo campaign. What makes the iBuySell platform so different is the radical new way the sales are run. Rather than hosting seven-day auctions where buyers engage in bidding wars and the item’s price gradually increases, the concept for iBuySell is virtually the opposite. Sellers showcase their products in their online closets which buyers can browse through and tag their favorite items. Buyers are then notified right before their tagged items go on live-sale. At the beginning of every live-sale, which lasts for up to 90 seconds, the already discounted price of the product falls by the second until the first buyer claims it. It’s kind of like a rapid fire game-like price countdown! This fresh new approach to online shopping results in a more engaging and exciting experience for everyone involved.

iBuySell has many benefits that make it preferable to other online shopping platforms.

For buyers, it’s free to sign up and they can earn shopping credits by referring friends. Rather than just searching for items buried under a catalog of products, buyers discover brand new deals every few seconds. To many, shopping on iBuySell feels like a fun game. It’s a gamble: battle the odds (and other buyers) by waiting until the price drops even more or purchase the item now and avoid the risk of losing it to another shopper. This makes them feel empowered to choose their price and the timeframe is much more convenient than following an auction for days.

The platform is vendor friendly as well. The app is free and vendors have a choice of paying a very low transaction fee (10-15%) or a monthly fee starting at only $29. There is also the advantage of setting secret minimum prices to avoid losing profits, the option to ship directly from the app, and the built-in mechanisms that drive buyers to the vendor’s existing online ecommerce stores. Inventory moves quickly and, because customers only have 15 minutes to pay for their items, within 20 minutes vendors know exactly which items have sold and at what price.

“Most online platforms are nothing but discount catalogs, products move slowly, it’s hard to get discovered, upfront promotion costs are too high and the fees are astronomical. There are not many options available for small retail owners and individual entrepreneurs to make their life easy” says iBuySell co-founder, Kaus Mukherjee. “So, we thought why not combine shopping for incredible deals with a little fun and suspense, to make it an engaging experience? The buyer is always intrigued ‘Will I be the first to snag this or will someone else take it?’ Here there are no hassles of bidding and the entire live auction lasts for only 90 seconds”.

Kaustuva Mukherjee, a technologist, and his wife Suchi, who is a realtor, share a common passion for technology and shopping. They co-founded iBuySell after researching different options for setting up their own online retail business. They realized there was a gap in the market for online shopping networks that are designed with both the retailer and the consumer in mind. The app has been in development for 6 months and will launch in May with much anticipation.

As a way to spread the word about iBuySell, Kaus is launching an Indiegogo campaign. Shopping credits for the app and commission free selling credits are available from April 19, 2016  until  June 19, 2016. Advertising slots can be purchased at that time as well.

Indiegogo page: Click here to visit their Indiegogo campaign

For additional information about iBuySell please visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.