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Unique Lazertouch mini projector transforms any surface into a touchscreen

Turn any flat surface into an Android tablet with a small projector.

The Lazertouch mini projector is the first of its kind in the world and has the ability to transform any flat surface into a finger-activated touchscreen. Recently launched on international crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, the company behind the mini projector claims that the projector can support anywhere from 20 to150 inch screen sizes and that users can operate the screen by using a stylus or their finger.

The technology can recognize several finger gestures, making it easy to use.

The laser touch technology emits an invisible laser beam, parallel to the projection screen. When the user’s finger touches the laser beam the sensor detects it, enabling the flat surface to function just like an Android tablet touchscreen.

With the Lazertouch mini projector users can click, slide, zoom, adjust volume by sliding up and down on the upper right side outside of the screen, among other convenient functions.

The projector is portable and is equipped with an interior 13,600mAh battery. It actually runs Android, providing a touchscreen-optimized operating system as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, downloadable apps, speakers, 32GB of storage and ports for HDMI, USB, Micro SD, and headphones.

The technology was designed and developed by Shanghai Easi. It has been in the works for five years and obtained seven patents, according to the company.

Lazertouch mini projector is great for office presentations and even for watching 3D movies at home.

The mini projector features a desktop projection mode, which functions like a tablet PC. It also has a wall projection mode, which provides users with an interactive white board. Its 3D holographic projections makes it ideal for business meetings and even advertising.

In addition to being an excellent tool for office presentations, Lazertouch allows users to watch 4K, 3D and even 200-inch HD movies at home. It can also project musical instruments and supports immersive VR gaming.

Should it hit the market, the suggested retail price for the Lazertouch mini projector – which comes with an IR e-pen stylus, pointer and remote control – will be $650. However, those who are interested in preordering the device via the Indiegogo campaign can do so for $475.

Smartwatch can transform into phone

A new trendy watchphone has been developed by Ukrainian startup.

Smartwatches are quickly becoming a trend, but one of the problems with this unique style of device is that if a wearer wants to make a phone call, often they need to take out their phone to make a call, but .klatz is aiming to solve that issue with its watchphone device.

Some may find this wearable technology to be more convenient than current watches on the market.

The .klatz is not actually a watch in the traditional sense. Rather, it is stiff aluminum bracelet. It does not have a standard watch face and flexible strap. The main reason is when the cuff is unfastened it can be held to the ear and become a phone.

Due to the fact that the wearable is a stiff bracelet, this may be off putting for some people, particularly those who were not happy with other devices with stiff shapes like Nike+ Fuelband, for instance. However, the one aspect that is in the .klatz’s favor is that it is available in four sizes. Therefore, consumers should have an easier time finding the right device to fit their wrist.

The gadget is available in two colors: black and red.

Like other smartwatch designs the .klatz can be paired with a mobile phone.

Currently, the device can be paired with an Android smartphone or iPhone. The company also has future plans for it to be paired with Windows Phone.

In order to activate the watch, a user merely has to glance at the screen and the time will be shown on the 384 LEDs that form the display. Other than telling the time and being able to flip it open so it can be held to the ear to talk, the device can also receive message notifications, track the wearer’s activity and gives them the power to control their music.

While the device is not waterproof, only splash and dust proof, its battery is larger than many smartwatches. The company claims that its 600mAh power pack can last for up to 10 days of standby time when compared to other smartwatches, like Samsungs Gear 2’s 300mAH battery or Motorola Moto 360’s 320mAh battery. While it charges on a little stand designed for it, the .klatz turns into a desk or bedside clock.

Currently, the company is seeking $140,000 in crowdfunding for its smartwatch device on Indiegogo. The first of the .klatz gadgets are expected to be delivered in March 2015.