The counIndia NFC Technologytry has started accepting these smartphone based transactions at certain locations.

PVR Cinemas in India have just announced that they have now rolled out the very first NFC technology based mobile payments system within India.

This launch was designed to occur simultaneously with the availability of the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

The latest BlackBerry 10 devices are NFC technology enabled, which means that consumers will be able to make the choice from among a larger number of smartphones with near field communication capabilities. Now, PVR Cinemas has given them a specific reason to desire this state of the art tech, which is because it will give them a greater number of mobile payments opportunities.

The chain of movie theaters first thought they would used the NFC technology for watching trailers.

However, it soon changed its mind and added NFC technology based mobile payments to its sights – and then to its app – so that consumers would have the ability to purchase tickets and refreshments through the use of BlackBerry 10 (BB10) smartphones while at the cinema locations.

The hope is that the app will become the heart of a PVR Cinemas loyalty program for its customers. That said, as of yet, it is available only to consumers who own a BB10 based Z10 device. That said, the cinema will be expanding this compatibility range in May when it will be releasing Android, iOS, and other platform versions of its app, including those based on older BlackBerry operating systems.

At the moment, the NFC technology payments can be made only through the use of a prepaid account. As of yet, debit and credit cards are not compatible with the app. Moreover, it has been released in only a few of the total number of PVR Cinema locations. The initial roll out included 15 of the most popular cinema locations of the chain. Depending on its success, many are expecting that the mobile payments will also become available in additional locations over time, particularly as the other versions of the app are released so that it can be used by a much broader number of consumers.