While growth may be slowing down in smartphone subscriptions, it is far from stopping.

India has provided a massive source of mobile technology news until now, and in 2015, it is expected to make headlines as it will reach the point where it will have registered its billionth mobile subscriber in the country.

As cell phones become ubiquitous, subscription numbers have slowed, but they are remaining on track.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) produces regular mobile technology news statistics that provide the latest figures with regards to the number of wireless subscribers in the country. The most recent figure has shown that India currently has 937.06 million cell phone service subscriptions, which was the statistic that covered the subscription count up to November 30 of last year. It also showed that there was a 0.18 percent growth rate, which meant that it had experienced a monthly increase of 1.71 million people.

Though this mobile technology news shows a slowing, it still suggests that the 1 billion mark will be hit in 2015.

mobile technology news - mobile phone subscriptionsOctober’s monthly growth rate was 0.55 percent, after 5.14 million subscribers had added their numbers, and September’s growth rate was 0.64 percent, when that month saw 5.88 million new consumers.

While one billion subscribers to wireless service is quite an accomplishment, the true achievement in striking this figure is that it will show that more than 90 percent of internet connections in India are occurring over mobile devices. Talk of “the next billion” to be connected to the internet, the trend for mobile first, and the heavy use of cloud storage has been a boon for marketing and it has shown that when it comes to mobile commerce and other smartphone based industries, customers using these devices need to be taken very seriously.

Also being touched on in mobile technology news is the impact that this widespread device ownership is actually having on the Indian culture. The reason is that these phones and other connected gadgets are changing the way that people complete various tasks in their everyday lives. It is a trend that is worth watching.