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Mobile shopping took off on Black Friday

Initial figure said that sales made online were up by an estimated 21.5 percent over last year’s numbers.

The first wave of data from Black Friday is now making its way over and what it has indicated was that mobile shopping took off on that day and was used considerably more than it was on the same day in 2014.

IBM has released its figures from the m-commerce use this year and showed that apps are paying off.

The tech company’s figures showed that when compared to last year, there was an increase of 21.5 percent in digital sales through mobile shopping. This indicates that retailers that invested in improvements in their mobile commerce apps and optimized websites saw the fruits of their efforts. While IBM has revealed the growth rates, it does not report on the total sales figures that occurred on this opening day of the holiday shopping season. That said, on the evening of Black Friday, Adobe reported that Americans were on track to spend over $2.7 billion in online purchases.

If Adobe was correct, it would mean that there would actually have been a 14 percent mobile shopping increase.

Mobile Commerce Shopping - Black FridayThat growth in m-commerce would have been over Adobe’s own tracking methods compared to the figures that it gathered on the same day last year. That said, both IBM and Adobe agreed that mobile shoppers were using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases more often than on their laptops and desktops. This represents the first time this has ever happened on Black Friday.

According to Tamara Gaffney, an Adobe analyst, “US consumers have turned into digital shopping ninjas.” Adobe has also estimated that the total spending from American consumers online over Thursday and Friday of last week came to a record total of $4.45 billion. It stated that it would be updating its reports to include in-store sales as well.

Adobe’s report indicated that online and mobile shopping consumers were looking primarily for gadgets and the hottest toy products. Among the most popular Black Friday buys were the iPad Air 2, Xbox, Samsung TVs, Star Wars Lego, Lego Dimension sets, and Shopkin Dolls.

Mobile wallet and marketing solutions added to IBM’s UBX

Vibes has now announced that it will be providing those capabilities to the Universal Behavior Exchange.

Mobile marketing firm, Vibes, has announced that it will be providing the Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) from IBM with new capabilities for mobile wallet and advertising within that platform.

This should make it easier for marketers to be able to connect data throughout their various solutions.

The addition of the mobile wallet and marketing capabilities is meant to simplify and expand the ability of marketers to engage with their customers and understand their wants and expectations in the moment. Through the UBX at IBM, Vibes will make it possible for marketing firms to be able to boost their visibility into important data for their campaigns running over smartphones and tablets. This will make it possible to boost their conversion rates and enhance the experience for consumers throughout their shopping journey.

This improvement should be felt through everything from a mobile wallet to push notifications.

Mobile Wallet - IBMBy way of the UBX platform, the mobile marketing platform from Vibes has been integrated with a range of the different existing mobile commerce offerings from IBM. This will make it possible for marketers to benefit from the following:

• Customizing their mobile marketing campaigns at scale through the IBM Campaign feature in order to allow for targeted text messages, offers over mobile payments services, and others. This could improve the seamlessness of the experience for a much more natural shopping journey.
• Bring behavioral insights and data from e-commerce and m-commerce websites together through IBM Digital Analytics by way of all mobile marketing touch-points. This could provide a more complete understanding for considerably improved campaigns moving ahead.
• Take advantage of the IBM Marketing Cloud in order to gain email insight for improved communication with customers by way of smartphones and tablets so that targeted mobile wallet offers (using Android Pay and Apple Wallet) will be able to be delivered through email Manage. This will also make it possible for IBM Engage Mobile to be used for sending push notifications based on the behavior, data, and business rules of consumers.