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Google Pixel smartphone series to replace Nexus

After rumors have been circulating on the subject for a long time, the tech giant made its official announcement.

For a long time, rumors have been circulating about a replacement for the Nexus line and now Google Pixel has been announced. The tech giant has announced a new line of high end smartphones. These will take the place of the Nexus flagship mobile devices.

There have been leaks popping up all over the web for the Google Pixel (Sailfish) and the Pixel XL (Marlin).

The company has announced the Google Pixel’s existence and has been suggesting that an October 4 unveiling could be expected. It had been indicating that the unveiling would break away from the traditional rectangle and would be made of an oblong with rounded edges. That said, one of the Google websites (madeby.google.com) is indicating a device with the classic rectangle shape. It contains a graphic that starts from the look of the Google query box and that transforms into a phone. Aside from that graphic, the webpage says “Oct. 4” as well as the Google “G” symbol and the opportunity to enter an email address to receive notifications of updates.

The Google Pixel will be the next among a number of hardware products released with its branding.

google-pixel-image-of-nexus-smartphoneThough there had been recent rumors and claims of leaks that showed two new Nexus phones built by HTC, those plans have changed. In August, Android Central reported that the new HTC devices would no longer bear the Nexus name. Moreover, another source, Android Police, recently reported that upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL devices would become “the first phones built by Google.”

The teaser webpage created by Google appears to be confirming the claim Android Police had made. That said, the Android Police report said HTC would be manufacturing the devices, despite the fact that Google designed them.

The industry has been watching the tech brand for a new device such as smartphones ever since the Project Ara experimental modular phone initiative was shut down.

It will be interesting to see what predictions and reports make it on to the scene until the official Google Pixel launch on October 5.

Google shopping search features updated for travel and retail

For people who love using their laptops and smartphones to shop or book trips, more tools are now available.

Consumers looking to book a trip or buy something online will want to know about the latest Google shopping search tools.

The largest search engine in the world has now rolled out a range of new search features for shoppers.

The idea behind the new Google shopping search features is to allow consumers to make more informed decisions. Now, more than ever before, consumers are researching, comparing and buying products and services online. This includes the use of their mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. In particular, research and bookings of a vacation or other form of trip.

The new Google shopping search features include filters meant to help narrow searches based on many factors.

Google Shopping SearchAmong the filters are hotel ratings, price and other factors consumers may consider when planning a trip. Google explained that mobile travel and shopping searches had increased by 30 percent over the last year. This encouraged the search giant to launch a range of new features to cater to that activity.

Google said “October through December are traditionally the biggest months for both travel and shopping, and this year we expect mobile to play its biggest role ever,” on its blog.

Among the newly launched Google shopping search features are:

• Hotel tips – which can assist in finding accommodations in the same way the feature already helps consumers to find flight info.
• Hotel smart filters – this allows online and mobile consumers to narrow their shopping searches by price, rating and other factors simply by tapping (or clicking) the screen.
• Price tracking for flights – airline ticket features have also been expanded. This Google shopping search option lets users track routes, dates or even a particular flight, advising of changes in price.

Beyond travel searches, Google also launched Showcase Shopping ads. With those, retailers can assemble collections of related product images. In this way, retailers can showcase more of the products they offer across a much wider category, such as “mobile accessories” or “travel essentials.”