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Mobile marketing is about to get a flashier image boost in Google search

The search giant will be replacing its text-only ads with those featuring images, which will likely come with a cost.

Google is going to be changing the way that mobile marketing looks on the device screens of searchers, as it will be changing its text-only search ads in order to include more visually appealing images.

Many have predicted that this feature will likely come with an added price tag for advertisers.

According to the Google AdWords product management director, Bhanu Narasimhan, “Text ads are informative, but there’s not much emotion there.” That said, with the new mobile marketing ads available in the search results, it will make it possible for device users to flip through photos that will feature a product or service. This way, they can see more before they move on to the next step of seeking more product information or even making a purchase or book a reservation – which will be possible directly from the search screen.

This will represent a major step forward from the traditional mobile marketing text ads that blend into the search results.

Mobile Marketing to get cool image boost on GoogleThe hope is to take a major step away from the text ads that can seem to sink right into the background, in order to replace them with a mobile advertising experience that stands out a great deal more with visually appealing features.

That said, brands that would prefer not to shell out the additional money for the mobile ads will still be able to use the conventional text-only option. These will still also include the click to call option that has already been available through Google’s mobile search, but now in the case of the ads with the images, it will help to encourage consumers to actually act on what they see, instead of having their eyes skim right over it.

This service is lightly to help to boost the overall mobile marketing spending that is already experiencing a considerable rate of growth. For example, eMarketer has predicted that this year in the United States, alone, there will be $12.85 billion spent on search ads over smartphones and tablets. That amount will represent a higher amount of spending growth than that of desktop ads.

Google plans to ramp up its mobile payments endeavors

Google will overhaul its Wallet service and launch Android Pay in the near future

The battle for mobile payments supremacy is heating up, and Google plans to launch a new service that will establish it as a leader. The company plans to overhaul its troubled Wallet platform, which has struggled to gain traction among consumers in recent years. Google has plans to launch a new service called Android Pay, which will allow merchants to accept payments from credit cards as well as mobile applications.

Android Pay aims to make physical mobile payments possible in stores

Android Pay is designed to be a standalone mobile payments solution and will not replace Google Wallet. The Wallet application will receive special attention, making it more attractive to consumers that are interested in mobile payments. The app is being re-designed as a peer-to-peer platform, which will also allow consumers to send money to one another. They will still be able to use the platform to make payments to merchants that accept Google Wallet, of course.

Demand for mobile payment support in physical stores is rising quickly

Google - Mobile PaymentsAndroid Pay may become Google’s more favored mobile payments solution, as it is designed with brick-and-mortar stores in mind. Demand for mobile payment support in physical stores is on the rise, and companies like Google want to accommodate this demand by providing new services that make these payments more convenient. In this way, Android Pay will perform in much the same way that other mobile payments platforms do.

Google will face tough competition in the mobile payments space

Though Google has ambitious plans for mobile payments, the company will be faced with intense competition coming from others. Samsung is one of these companies. Later this year, Samsung plans to launch its own mobile payments service, called Samsung Pay. This service will provide consumers with a way to make purchases in physical stores using their mobile devices. Apple also plans to improve its own mobile payments service, introducing a loyalty program and making improvements to its already considerable security features.