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Google report predicts bright future for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce may thrive as more consumers get their hands on smartphones

Canadians are becoming more reliant on their smartphones, according to a new report from Google, called “Our Mobile Planet: Canada.” Smartphones have established themselves as a powerful tool for many consumers who use them for business and entertainment. These devices have grown in popularity because they offer many services in a single platform that could only be found in numerous platforms in the past. The report shows that Canadians are more likely to throw away their televisions than part with their smartphones, and this could be a good sign for mobile commerce.

Smartphones continue to gain popularity among consumers

Smartphones initially became popular because they streamlined social interaction and provided consumers with access to a multitude of applications, which themselves made certain tasks more efficient and convenient for users. Today, smartphones and their features are very common and many consumers have become numb to the features they have become accustomed to using on a daily basis. Mobile commerce has managed to rekindle some of the excitement that smartphones had once embodied and many consumers are showing a great deal of interest in shopping online and paying for products with their mobile device.

Google Mobile Commerce Report - Canadians and smartphonesReport shows that more consumers are participating in mobile commerce

According to Google’s report, approximately 56% of the Canadian population uses a smartphone, with eight in 10 of these consumers claiming they would never leave home without their mobile device. The report shows that most smartphones are used for social media and entertainment, but a growing number of consumers are using their smartphones to shop online. Currently, three-quarters of Canadian smartphone users have used their mobile device to shop online, with 27% purchasing a product using their device. Approximately half of consumers make an online purchase with their mobile device at least once a month.

Despite smartphone adoption, mobile commerce sees modest growth

The report shows that smartphone ownership is on the rise in Canada. This is likely to have a significant impact on mobile commerce in the future as more people with smartphones will take to shopping online. Canada is currently home to several mobile commerce initiatives that are looking to encourage consumers to purchase products with their mobile devices. So far, however, mobile commerce has only experience slow growth throughout the country.

Google Glass could serve as a new mobile commerce platform

Google Glass may have something to offer in the way of mobile commerce

Google Glass has been receiving a great deal of attention for its potential as a powerful social platform. The device’s augmented reality features certainly lend credence to this as they would, quite literally, change the way people see the world around them and interact with people in that world. Indeed, it is often the association that augmented reality has with entertainment and social networking that wins Glass most of its attention. The device may, however, have promising prospects in the realm of mobile commerce.

Forrester Research report highlights marketing and commerce possibilities

Mobile commerce is not a topic that is often highlighted in conversations concerning Google Glass. Glass is, essentially, a mobile device that can support a wide range of applications, which immediately makes it much more than a simple entertainment or social networking platform. Forrester Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new report concerning Google Glass that suggests that the device could eventually serve as a powerful mobile commerce platform.

Google - Mobile CommerceAugmented reality could be used to create a new shopping experience

The Forrester Research report suggests that there are many marketing opportunities that exist with Google Glass, but also opportunities in the realm of mobile commerce. The device leverages augmented reality, which has been used in the retail sector in the past to enhance the shopping experience of consumers. The report suggests that the technology can be used in the same way with Google Glass, allowing consumers to shop for products with Glass acting as a sort of virtual shopping assistant. Moreover, Google’s strong interest in mobile commerce may herald the introduction of mobile payment services that are specifically designed for Glass.

Report makes note of strong marketing opportunities with Glass

The Forrester Research report highlights the marketing potential of Google Glass. The report notes that the device’s location-based technologies and services could be especially useful to advertisers that are attempting to develop more targeted campaigns. The full potential of Google Glass is not likely to be realized any time soon, however, as the device itself is still a ways off from actually being released into the market.