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Mobile game app from Britney Spears is now on its way

The entertainer is now the latest celebrity to attach her name to an application through Glu Mobile.

Britney Spears is now joining a number of other hot celebrities in working with Glu Mobile in order to add her name to a mobile game app that has the potential to be highly popular among device users.

Among the other big names that have released mobile games from the developer is Kim Kardashian West.

The TV star had released her mobile game app a few months ago and now the musician is joining that elite club. The chairperson at Glu Mobile, Niccolo de Masi, stated that “I am thrilled to add Grammy Award-winning legend Britney Spears to Glu’s growing list of partners, as we continue to expand our celebrity gaming platform.” De Masi also went on to say that the company predicts that the title will become very popular among the “nearly 90 million multi-generational social followers” of Britney Spears around the world.

This mobile game app announcement also follows the launches of applications from other big celeb names.

Britney Spears - Mobile Game AppKim Kardashian West, who released “Kim Kardashian” Hollywood” with a tremendous success that brought in $1.6 million within the first five days that it was released. Since then, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Katy Perry have also revealed that they have intentions to put out mobile apps and games that they hope will reflect the successes of the previous Glu Mobile releases.

This news also followed a much less positive announcement that the headlines have seen about Britney Spears. While she did just finish announcing the unveiling of a new single called “Pretty Girls” along with Iggy Azalea, what was much less pleasant was the injury that she sustained to her ankle while she was performing on a Las Vegas stage. The star has since expressed that she is “OK” but at the same time, she was required to take a break and postpone two scheduled performances due to that injury.

On Twitter, Britney Spears posted that it “Breaks my heart to share this news. After hurting my ankle last night my doctor has advised me not to perform this weekend #Heartbroken”. Certainly, announcing her upcoming mobile game app is much more welcome news to the performer.

Mobile games are hot with celeb names, now including Paris Hilton

She will be following closely on the heels of the successes of Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

For more than ten years, Paris Hilton has hardly struggled to find her way into the spotlight, and to stay there, and now this “it girl” who has been “famous for being famous” is stepping into mobile games and into a trend that has been growing among celebrities.

Though she may not be in the headlines as much as she once was, she continually remains in the public eye.

There has been a massive business that has been constructed around her name, allowing it to be licensed to a tremendous range of different kinds of product, from Chihuahua clothing lines to fake lashes. Now, her name will also be applied to mobile games, as Animoca Brands (an ASX listed company) is betting on her ability to appeal to smartphone and tablet users who download gaming apps.

Paris Hilton is far from the first celebrity to take the leap into mobile games and other types of apps.

Mobile Games - Kim KardashianKim Kardashian’s “Hollywood” game app, which was put out by Glu Mobile in 2014 saw considerable successes. That mobile app, says Adweek’s figures, has already received over 28 million downloads and its players have spent more than 11 billion minutes on it. This brought a hefty $74 million to Glu Mobile, last year (not including the 45 percent cut that belongs to Kardashian).

Glu Mobile’s success with celebrity themed mobile apps encouraged it to continue with the trend, last month announcing that it had signed a contract with Katy Perry that gave them the rights for featuring her “voice, likeness, and personality” within mobile gaming apps that are based on simulations of the music industry.

Kanye West also recently brought up the fact that he is working on a video game. This makes sense, considering that his wife has seen such success in doing it.

Animoca and Glu both use the same type of freemium mobile games strategy model for their products. While the download, itself, is free, they include advertising and opportunities to make various types of in-app purchases.