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Mobile payments firm wins backing of Groupon and American Express

SumUp wins funding to expand mobile payments services

A mobile payments startup based in Berlin, Germany, has received the financial backing of large companies like Groupon and American Express recently. SumUp is a relatively new startup company that currently operates in 11 European countries and has helped expand mobile payments throughout the region. Consumers have been growing more comfortable with the idea of mobile commerce and have been demanding new services that are more comprehensive and more convenient for their needs.

Company may be able to establish stronger foothold in Europe

SumUp has announced that it has raised several million dollars in funding from companies that are interested in its approach to mobile payments. The funding is expected to help SumUp expand the services it offers throughout Europe. While mobile commerce has managed to establish a strong foothold in Europe, it is still considered a young sector that faces significant challenges that can derail growth and progress. Appropriate levels of funding could help mobile payments overcome these challenges and find better traction throughout the world.

Mobile Payments - Support from Groupon and American ExpressLarge companies currently dominating mobile commerce field

SumUp is not the only mobile payments firm operating in Europe. Several larger companies, such as PayPal, have begun to muscle into the mobile commerce sector in the region, all looking to establish some rapport with consumers and make them more comfortable with the concept of making mobile payments. Whether SumUp will be able to compete with these larger companies is uncertain, but the firm may be able to beat out smaller competitors that exist in the market.

UK consumers show great deal of love for mobile payments

Thus far, consumers in the United Kingdom have been the most willing to embrace mobile commerce. The country already has a robust mobile payments infrastructure. Several companies in the UK have embraced mobile payments, creating a highly competitive environment that has been unaccommodating to smaller companies that are not backed by significant funding. Fortunately for SumUp, both Groupon and American Express have considerable faith in the company.

Mobile payments and digital wallets launched by Telefónica Deutschland

Smartphone to Smartphone Mobile PaymentsThe company has announced a number of smartphone friendly transaction services.

Telefónica’s German international wireless carrier brand, called Telefónica Deutschland, has just announced that it will launch a new smartphone-to smartphone direct money transfer and service as well as mobile payments wallet service.

The goal of the company is to propel the world forward toward a cashless society.

According to the Telefónica Germany CEO, René Schuster, “Soon, children will only know from history books what a wallet and hard cash are.” He added that “Mobile payment with your smartphone has arrived in Germany. Our customers will soon be transferring money mobile-to-mobile and paying in shops using their digital wallet.”

The new peer to peer service will be the first of the mobile payments services that are launched.

This will occur in February by way of a wireless carrier. This element of the mobile payments offerings will be called mpass. By using mpass, smartphone users will be able to make money transfers to other mpass accounts in real time. All the sender will need to know about the recipient is her or her cell phone number. The company has stated that the process is very user friendly and is a free service.

The app to use mpass will be made available to users of devices based on both iOS and Android operating systems. It will require a one-time registration the first time that the service is activated, but the information will be saved after that point so that it does not need to be re-entered.

Beyond the initial mobile payments launch of the P2P service, Telefónica Deutschland has said that it will also offer consumers their O2 Wallet. This is a smartphone wallet that will function using NFC technology in order to allow contactless transactions to occur at a participating merchant’s point of sale. This service will use the PayPass technology from MasterCard in order to provide secure credentials confirmation and payment data from the NFC chip equipped smartphone to the reader device at the register.

Telefónica Deutschland consumers will be sent a new free NFC pack that includes an NFC SIM card so that they will be able to download the app, register, and use these mobile payments and wallet services.