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Samsung partners with Gemalto to prepare for launch of mobile payments service in Europe

Mobile payments may be growing more secure in Europe thanks to new partnership

Samsung has partnered with Gemalto, an international digital security company, in order to ease the launch of Samsung Pay in Europe. With mobile payments growing in popularity, the demand for secure services is on the rise. Consumers have expressed concern regarding the security of mobile transactions, with many opting not to use their devices to make purchases because their financial information may be at risk of exploitation. Improved security may make mobile payments services more attractive to consumers.

Samsung will leverage tokenization to make transactions more secure

Samsung will be using Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Service Hub product for its new service. This will allow payments made through Samsung Pay to be more secure as the Allynis Trusted Service Hub makes use of a system that manages payment credentials and it leverages tokenization services. Tokenization replaces a consumer’s financial information with digital tokens, which are used to authenticate payments. Each token is unique for the transaction and does not contain actual financial information. As such, these tokens represent a safe and secure way for consumers to participate in mobile payments.

Mobile payments service has already attracted praise

Partnership - Mobile Payments EuropeThe new mobile payments service has already launched in South Korea, and Samsung intends to launch the service in the United States in late September. Thus far, consumers have shown interest in the service and have praised its convenience. Samsung Pay makes use of NFC technology and magnetic secure transmissions, allowing it to be used in many major retail stores. The technology powering the service was developed by LoopPay, which was acquired by Samsung earlier this year.

Improved security may ensure that more consumers participate in mobile commerce

Improving security will help mobile payments find more support among consumers. While consumers are interested in using their mobile devices to make purchases, they are wary of doing so because of the security risks associated with such actions. In the past, security breaches have shown just how much of a financial impact malicious attacks can have on consumers and businesses when it comes to the mobile payments space.

New mobile commerce service set to launch in Taiwan

Gemalto partners with Chunghwa Telecom to launch new mobile service for consumers

Gemalto, an international digital security firm, has announced that it has partnered with Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecommunications operator in Taiwan, to launch a new mobile commerce service. The service will be based on NFC technology, allowing users to participate in contactless payments from their mobile devices. The launch of this new service is being supported by MasterCard and four of Taiwan’s leading banks.

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum in Taiwan as mobile device ownership rises

Mobile commerce has become quite popular in Taiwan, largely due to the growing smartphone penetration. More consumers than ever are beginning to use their mobile devices to conduct the business of their daily lives. Shopping online from a mobile device is becoming a common practice among consumers in Taiwan, and a growing number of people want to use their mobile devices to make purchases in physical stores. As such, the demand for new mobile commerce services has been on the rise.

Consumers can use mobile service to pay for goods and services, including public transit

Taiwan Mobile CommerceThe new service will be making use of Gemalto’s UpTeq Multi-tenant NFC SIM, which can be used to give most mobile devices NFC capabilities. The services will allow Cunghwa Telecom’s customers to pay for goods and services, including the fare associated with public transit systems. These payments can be made by swiping a mobile device near an NFC reader, which will collect information and authenticate a transaction.

Gemalto will work to make NFC-based mobile payments more secure than they have been in the past

NFC technology has formed the backbone of mobile commerce for several years. There have been security concerns regarding the use of this technology, however, as mobile commerce has become a popular target for some malicious groups. NFC can be exploited to access consumer financial information, but Gemalto has extensive experience in security matters and ensuring that this information is not compromised. The company may be able to help make the new mobile commerce service secure and popular among consumers in Taiwan.