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Jonathan Adler is a wearable technology designer for Garmin

The new Vivofit 2 is going to present a considerable difference from the brand’s original fitness band.

Among the large number of announcements and unveilings that have been made at CES, there have been many that have occurred within the wearable technology category, and this includes the decision that Garmin has made to include designer Jonathan Adler in its fitness band team.

This is one of several steps that companies like Garmin are making to make wearables something consumers want to wear.

So far, the lack of fashion in the wearable technology industry has presented a considerable barrier to its adoption by consumers. People aren’t looking to wear something all the time when it doesn’t look good. This has caused a trend within the industry that has involved notable partnerships between the product creators and known fashion designers – as was the case between Garmin and Jonathan Adler.

This has allowed the Garmin Vivofit 2 wearable technology to look considerably different from last year’s model.

While the actual tech of the device did undergo a handful of moderate improvements, it is the design of these wearables that is now worth mentioning. Certainly, the always-on display, year-long battery life, and backlighting, among other improvements are interesting and could be quite appealing to the wearer, but what is also quite interesting is the addition of the interchangeable bands that were created by the well known designer.

The new Garmin mobile technology has been designed to be seen as it is worn, instead of hiding it away, as has been the tradition with previous generations and with a number of other brands. The new “Style Collection” from the brand makes it possible for a wearer to choose the band that is appropriate to his or her personal taste and for the specific occasion. Among the options are various choices in leather and steel.

The basic shape of this wearable technology has remained essentially the same as what it was last year; as has the size. The device is designed not only to track activity and various types of factors surrounding exercise, but it also monitors a wearer’s sedentary behaviors, particularly in the case of the signature red bar that grows increasingly longer with the amount of time that a person remains stationary.

Wearable technology will be important to Garmin’s future, says CFO

The outgoing chief financial officer, Kevin Rauckman, thinks that this sector will be vital.

Kevin Rauckman, the outgoing CFO of Garmin Ltd, has recently discussed the importance of the wearable technology sector to his company, saying that this will be a very important to its ability to continue growing.

Even though the automotive GPS devices market is lagging, the company sees a future in wearables.

Rauckman, who has been working for the GPS device maker, Garmin, for 15 years, explained that it will be the outdoor and fitness segments that will be the future of the company and that it has been these areas that has allowed the company to continue to grow and succeed even though its flagship automotive navigational devices have been lagging.

The CFO explained that wearable technology is the latest in the company’s diversification efforts.

He explained that “Garmin has always been a diverse company,” and added that “We’ve offered many different solutions to the various outdoor needs. We feel like the value proposition is purpose-built devices around whatever activity you want to do — whether it’s marine, cycling, hiking, rock climbing — we’re going to deliver an innovative solution to help you with your active lifestyle.”wearable technology future

The outdoor segment has been growing for years and the company has not failed to notice that it, as well as the fitness segment, will be some of the areas that will be seeing the fastest growth over the next few years. Garmin intends to grow its engineering workforce with those areas in mind.

The increase in work on wearable technology is the direct result of the company’s identification of a rising number of people who are seeking to incorporate mobile devices and electronics into the activities in which they are taking part while outdoors. Rauckman stated that more than half of the company’s business during the most recent quarter no longer had to do with automotive products.

In the outdoor activity segment, one of its newest and most promising wearable technology products even steps away from humans. It is called the “BarkLimiter”, which is “very popular” and is meant for tracking dogs.