Mobile gaming is rising, with more gamers using their phones for entertainment every day. Various trends pop up and fizzle out, but there are three we’ve noticed that we expect to change the future of this platform. Read on to learn how we believe the growth of esports, the basic need for socialization, and the increasing popularity of online streaming will transform mobile gaming as we know it.

The Growth of Esports

Football is the reigning market in sports betting. However, a new challenger has rapidly risen in popularity among gamers: esports. Many online bookies now include this option, such as the popular mobile sportsbook site BetUS.

Streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube have contributed to this growth, creating loyal fanbases. We expect this trend to continue throughout 2022, creating unique opportunities for live betting. However, the industry must first overcome some issues.

Because many video games obscure parts of the maps to prevent cheating and video feeds have delays, bookies must use data directly from the server for live stats and odds. With live NFL picks, broadcasting current stats for a game doesn’t affect football players. With video games, though, it could potentially cause match-fixing.

However, we believe mobile sportsbooks can come up with a happy medium. This way, gamers get unique live betting opportunities and allow esports to continue to grow in popularity.

Humanity’s Need for Socialisation

Like all humans, gamers crave socialization. That’s why we saw a massive increase in this type of gameplay throughout lockdown. This trend is here to stay, and it’s why multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty have been so successful.

We’ve even seen titles that don’t necessarily focus on socialization adding these elements, which they’ll likely continue to do. Even some story-based games like Man of Medan from Dark Pictures include modes where you can play with a friend.

mobile gaming trends

The Increase in Game Streaming

While Twitch and YouTube have helped boost the popularity of esports, they’ve also created an interesting trend. Many gamers have turned to watching their favorite creators instead of playing the content themselves.

Experts found that 71% of millennials watch video game content. In many cases, it’s more popular than watching sports. We expect these numbers to only increase throughout 2022. It’ll cause developers to integrate streaming into their content, creating many promotion opportunities.


The rise of esports will continue throughout the rest of this year. We also expect to see more multiplayer games and an increase in streaming. Now that you know what trends to look for, you can take advantage of this knowledge on your betting or game development journey.