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Kapitall documents the rise of mobile gaming

Mobile Gaming growthKapitall analysis highlights the growth of mobile gaming over the years

Mobile gaming may soon become the dominating force in the game industry. Kapitall, an online investment platform, has been tracking the decline of traditional console gaming and the sale of physical gaming products. As sales continue to drop, they are being replaced by sales made through digital platforms, such a Steam and Gamestop. Game developers that focus solely on mobile gaming, such as Glue Mobile and Zynga, are also seeing significant gains as traditional platforms begin to wane.

Retails sales dropping off for consoles and games

According to Kapitall, retail game sales have dropped by 25% year-to-date, while console sales have plummeted by 30% year over year. A volatile economic climate is to blame to some degree, but so too is the retail price of most video games, which can range from $30 to $60, depending on the publisher of the game. Mobile gaming is faring much better, largely due to the fact that most mobile games are very inexpensive, with many being completely free.

Mobile gaming accounts for only a fraction of the entire market

Despite the strong advent of mobile gaming, however, mobile games account for only a fraction of the overall market. Digital downloads of games developed for consoles and PCs are strong and continue to gain momentum as more consumers show favor for online shopping over traditional forms of commerce. For these people, online shopping is simply more convenient and does not actually mean they are spending less on games, only that they do not have to pick them up from a physical store.

Gamers still willing to shell out money for console and PC games

Kapitall notes that gamers are not likely to abandon consoles in favor of mobile gaming. Mobile games typically offer a very shallow, linear experience that is designed around repetition rather than in-depth gameplay. As such, titles from companies like Electronic Arts, THQ, and Ubisoft are likely to continue selling well, even if those sales are not actually physical.

Mobile gaming beginning to compete with consoles and PC

Mobile GamingMobile gaming appeals to a wide range of consumers

High-tech mobile devices are becoming increasingly common among consumers. Smart phones and tablets are some of the most famous consumer electronics available today, and these products are becoming more advanced as time goes on. As mobile technology advances, smart devices become more capable of astonishing visuals and can support applications that have high CPU requirements. Thus, mobile devices are beginning to reach a point where they may soon replace traditional computers, in the sense of mobile gaming.

Mobility proves to win the favor of gamers

Mobile gaming is a very popular pastime for a wide range of people. There are, quite literally, millions of mobile game applications available for mobile devices of all kinds. These games include Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, some of the most popular games of the modern gaming era. Furthermore, mobile games are considerably less expensive that traditional games, with many console games costing $60 and PC games ranging between $40 and $80, depending on the publisher.

Spending on mobile gaming is increasing

IHS, a global research and analytics firm, suggests that spending on console gaming has declined by 20% over the past two years, while mobile gaming has taken up a significant amount of the slack. The appeal of mobile gaming largely resides in the fact that mobile devices can be used anywhere, thus giving users an opportunity to play the games they love while on the go. This versatility, coupled with the rapidly increasing capabilities of mobile devices, has been well received by a rather large demographic of consumers.

Mobile games may soon become a serious topic within the game industry

Mobile gaming may not be able to wholly replace other forms of gaming, especially as PC technology becomes more advanced and versatile, but it is certainly beginning to play a very big role in the game industry. Many gamers are eager to compare one console to another, constantly arguing for the superiority of their favored platform. Mobile gaming may soon be entered into this ongoing battle among gamers.