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Cracker Jack mobile game codes to replace traditional toy prize

Codes for baseball-themed mobile games are the new prize to be found inside America’s favorite junk food.

Cracker Jack, America’s favorite caramel coated popcorn and peanuts mix, which is famous for the iconic prizes found in each bag, is trading in its traditional toy surprise in a new approach to appeal to mobile consumers. Soon, those who dig into their bag of the sweet treat will find Cracker Jack mobile game codes instead of the classic toy.

Mobile technology will bring the new iconic prize to life.

The mystery prize that was once found in each bag of Cracker Jack will be replaced with stickers featuring digital codes for mobile games, providing mobile users with “baseball-inspired mobile digital experiences.”

Cracker Jack Mobile Game Codes Prize in Honor of BaseballIn a recent press release, Haston Lewis, the senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay – the company that owns Cracker Jack – said that “The new Prize Inside allows families to enjoy their favorite baseball moments through a new one-of-a-kind mobile experience, leveraging digital technology to bring the iconic Prize Inside to life.”

According to the Huffington Post, the new prizes will be available in four themes: Dance Cam, Dot Dash, Baseball Star and Get Carded. The Blippar app, which is available for both Android and iOS, will be required to activate the prize.

The new Cracker Jack mobile game codes sticker prize is part of a broader marketing effort to maintain consumer appeal.

Not everyone who loves the tasty popcorn snack, which has been around since 1896, is likely to be happy with this prize change. For some, these little toys have become collectibles. In fact, Cracker Jack prize collecting is actually a serious hobby for many long-time fans and there have been several books published on the subject. However, be that as it may, companies need to make changes to ensure that they continually remain relevant to present day consumers.

A spokesperson from Frito Lay, Joan Cetera, commented that the change in prize design is part of a much larger marketing effort to stay relevant within a fast-changing consumer landscape.

In addition to the new Cracker Jack mobile game codes, the brand’s logo and packaging will also be restyled.

Video ads in mobile gaming apps benefit developers and gamers

Vungle gives mobile gamers incentive to watch video ads.

While ads keep mobile gaming apps free, one of the main complaints mobile gamers have with regard to these advertisements is that they pop-up while they are playing and this disrupts the game. However, in-app advertising platform Vungle has created a technique that actually gives gamers incentive to watch the ads.

Vungle delivers ads without interrupting the player’s gaming experience.

The ads that Vungle puts inside a mobile game promote other games or smartphone apps. That said, unlike other traditional forms of in-app advertising that disrupts the game, Vungle provides an opt-in approach that also includes a benefit for the player.

Ville Heijari of Vungle explains that “when we do an opt-in approach, people actually want to see the ads.” He also went on to say that “gamers download the other applications that are being advertised, but they also gain some kind of benefit within the game or app.”

Vungle helps game developers make money from free mobile gaming apps and provides advertisers with a new audience.

Mobile Gaming App - In-app advertisingThe in-app video advertising company is helping developers of mobile games earn money from mobile users who, on average, are not interested in paying for apps. It also provides advertisers with a mobile audience for their ads.

For instance, RGB Express is a puzzle game on the Vungle platform. The games developer, Markus Kaikkonen, says that while the game was launched as a paid app for Apple devices, he decided to offer the Android version of the app for free in December 2014. In order to make money from it, Kaikkonene joined Vungle, which places video ads inside his game that rewards players with a game credit or hint, simply for watching a 15-second ad.

Kaikkonen explained that in the Android version, “the player can use hints to watch the solutions for the problems.” He added that the player can purchase more hints if they desire, but if they want to continue enjoying additions to the game for free, they can watch a Vungle video ad and obtain a hint at no cost.

In order to create space to plug in advertisements for consumer brands, Vungle’s strategy is to build up a customer base and boost overall mobile gaming app usage. Half of the ads Vungle puts into mobile games promotes games and smartphone apps, and the other half of the advertisements on the firm’s platform are paid for by companies like Nokia and Unilever.