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Customer satisfaction in mobile commerce on the rise

Mobile Commerce Customer SatisfactionStudy shows consumers are more satisfied with their mobile commerce experiences

Customer satisfaction with mobile commerce seems to be steadily improving as mobile commerce services become easier to use and address many of the security concerns that consumers have. A new study from Foresee highlights this satisfaction among consumers in the United Kingdom. UK consumers have been showing strong interest in mobile commerce over the past two years. Many of these consumers have been using their mobile devices to shop online at the various retailers in the UK that have come to embrace mobile commerce.

Study highlights UK e-commerce sites

The study from Foresee examines the 40 largest retailers in the UK that have e-commerce websites. Each retail site was rated on a 100-point scale. The study found that consumer satisfaction with traditional websites held steady at 74 since 2010. It also found that satisfaction for mobile websites came in at 72 among consumers. Foresee notes that the disparity between these two channels has been slowly decreasing and the firm suggests that satisfaction in mobile commerce may soon overcome that seen in traditional channels.

Consumers becoming more comfortable with making mobile payments

The study suggests that consumers are becoming more comfortable with mobile commerce. Over the past two years, more mobile commerce services have become available, either in the form of mobile applications or through the use of NFC technology. Security concerns have also been addressed in order to create more peace of mind among consumers that wish to participate in mobile commerce. Adoption of mobile commerce is highest among retailers as they consider this form of commerce a very attractive concept to modern, tech-savvy consumers.

Better services encourage participation from consumers

The study shows that more people are using their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products. This trend is not likely to change in the foreseeable future, according to Foresee. Consumers are likely to continue showing support for mobile commerce, especially as new services become available to them that make shopping from their mobile device more convenient.

Amazon and Apple lead satisfaction in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Apple and AmazonReport shows Amazon and Apple win over consumers with mobile commerce services

ForeSee, a leading market research firm, has released its ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Holiday Retail Edition report highlighting consumer satisfaction in the realm of mobile commerce. Traditionally, Amazon and Apple dominate the charts in terms of consumer satisfaction. The two companies boast of a powerful online presence that has proven difficult to compete with among smaller businesses. The report from ForeSee shows that the dominance that Amazon and Apple have established online translates well into the mobile space.

Growth of mobile commerce may not bode well for physical retailers

According to the report, Amazon leads the retail industry in terms of satisfaction among mobile consumers. The retailer has adopted a very strong focus on mobile commerce, offering a variety of services to consumers that want to make purchases using their smart phones and tablets. Apple has followed suit and has found significant success through engaging mobile consumers, many of whom already make use of Apple products. The performance of these two companies does shed some light on the retail industry and its continuing struggle in the offline world.

Some retailers are experiences steep declines in store traffic

Retailers without a strong online presence continue to see major declines in business. Companies like Sears and Gamestop have been seeing less traffic in actual stores. While Gamestop does have a relatively strong online presence, Sears has been lacking in the e-commerce field for years and does not perform well among mobile consumers. Retailers that are not embracing mobile commerce may actually be missing a significant opportunity at keeping their own business afloat.

Mobile commerce adoption is not free

Mobile commerce has become a powerful trend with consumers. Smart phones and tablets are abundant and people are finding it easier to shop using their mobile devices than go to physical stores. Adopting mobile commerce is not free, however, as retailer have to develop a suitable platform that is accommodating to mobile consumers. Those that cannot afford to invest in such an endeavor are unable to fully embrace mobile commerce.