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PassionTag Launches In-Image Digital Marketing Platform to Drive Brand Engagement

Consumers Share Their Passions and Engage with Brands by Creating and Collecting SmartTags Shared through Social Channels

Mountain View, Calif. – August 7, 2013– PassionTag, a technology provider of dynamic in-image digital marketing and commerce solutions, today unveiled the company’s platform designed to redefine how consumers express their passion through digital images and how brands effectively use social, mobile and digital tools to drive affinity and revenue.

PassionTag is the first mobile application that allows consumers to ‘tag’ their passions through the photos shared on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and SMS. With PassionTag, they can turn a static image into an interactive photo containing actionable tags that extend the story they want to tell.

PassionTag’s in-image digital marketing platform enables deeper brand and customer engagement through SmartTags. With the creation and management of PassionTag’s in-image placement of SmartTags, photo sharing is transformed into a powerful, action-oriented channel enabling deeper brand engagement through the image. The call to action contained in the SmartTag is experienced through the social applications PassionTag has developed to work in sync on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or on PassionTag.com

PassionTag enables brands and consumers alike to easily create SmartTags which can be shared, collected and customized. PassionTag’s SmartTag technology enables a “digital backpack” of trackable and transactional actions which can be attributed to most any image, thereby significantly improving the value and utility of an image. By turning photo-sharing into a pervasive, revenue-generating peer-to-peer ecosystem, PassionTag’s Smart Tags enable a shift from a value-based transaction to a value-based partnership.

Photo sharing is one of the fastest growing segments of the social web, and we are excited about the potential our technology holds for delivering an engaging user experience that creates incremental revenue for brands, non-profit organizations and eventDigital Marketing Social Media management producers,” said Thomas Moewe, CEO of PassionTag. “Our technology elevates the role of the image, dramatically improving the consumer’s experience with photo sharing while enabling brands to turn static images into dynamic, actionable photos.”

Among other clients, Dragon Con, Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, fantasy and sci-fi convention has partnered with PassionTag. The PassionTag app will allow Dragon Con’s fans to tag their photos with any of a dozen Dragon Con-related SmartTags, and then post them to their favorite social network. Fans can view and “like” all the photos organized under a specific tag regardless of who posted them. Or, they can follow their friends to view their photo streams.

“There is so much to see and talk about at Dragon Con. It’s just natural that taking and sharing photos with friends is an important part of the whole experience,” said Rachel Reeves, Senior Director of Guests and Media for Dragon Con. “And we know our fans love using cutting-edge smartphone apps. PassionTag lets our fans do both and experience Dragon Con in a fun new way.”

PassionTag’s free mobile application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store by visiting: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/passiontag/id663610124?mt=8

PassionTag, Inc. is a technology provider of dynamic in-image digital marketing and commerce solutions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, PassionTag’s platform enables the creation and management of SmartTags that can be applied to photos shared online by both consumers and brands. For more information about PassionTag, please visit us at http://www.passiontag.com/public/ or call u at 1-800- 475-5160. Join our Facebook community at http://on.fb.me/16UmnZd or follow us on Twitter @passiontag.

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Social media marketing is going well for Facebook on iPhones

social media marketing iphone appThe app for the biggest network in the world is now installed on 70 percent of these Apple smartphones.

A newly released report is underscoring the fact that social media marketing is an ideal fit in the mobile environment, as it discussed the considerable role played by Facebook on one of the top smartphones worldwide, the iPhone from Apple.

The report looked into the importance of the network on this popular mobile device.

This publication was created with data that was gleaned from Benedict Evans, an analyst from Enders Analysis. It helps to provide a more thorough understanding of the influence that social media marketing has on mobile commerce and consumer behaviors. Specifically, it looks at the relationship between the use of the Facebook app and the iPhone smartphone.

The social media marketing app is easily among the most commonly used on a worldwide scale.

Back in September 2012, Evans had released the social media marketing news that Facebook’s smartphone app had achieved 470 million users. That said, it was its use on the iPhone that was especially important, as it was those users who were especially likely to download the application.

At that point, there were already more than one billion people registered with Facebook. The install base on iPhones in that month was an estimated 200 million. The recent social media marketing report has been able to extrapolate from this information that there is, therefore, a tremendous 70 percent market penetration among the users of that device.

This also means that the social media marketing app penetration of Facebook within iPhone devices is considerably higher than that among Android smartphone users. The report suggested that this could be an issue of geography, as many users of Android devices live in emerging markets where the use of the social network is considerably lower.

However, the authors also indicated that even among those on Android who do have the app, the engagement level is notably lower. It was speculated that this could reflect a quality issue with the social media marketing application on that operating system. Equally, Evans stated that there is another trend that this data has clearly identified, which is that the “Use of smartphone apps is surging as a share of Facebook, up from 240 million in September 2011 (30% of the total) to 470 million (44%) in September 2012.”