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Facebook apps now include in-app shopping install ads

The social network is now bringing together its lucrative advertising with deep linking.

Facebook apps have now opened up a new world of monetization for the social network as they are now combining the highly revenue generating application install ads with deep linking in order to bring in a new specific form of in-app purchase page that will launch itself once the application has finished downloading.

The outcome is expected to be a powerful new direct mobile marketing tool for the sale of products and services.

Direct marketing is already highly popular on the standard web, as it makes it possible for users to view an advertisement for a specific product and click on it to open a new browser tab so that they can learn more and make their purchase. That said, in mobile marketing, if a sale is made through an application, the merchant first needs to encourage consumers to download the app. Then the merchant can only hope that the user will then follow through with the initial intentions and make his or her way through the steps that were outlined in the advertisement. Facebook apps could now change that process.

Facebook apps allow deep linking to manage the entire process, with the goal of boosting conversion rates.

Facebook AppsThe idea is that Facebook could let deep linking send the user directly to the right place to make the sale. This could make buying much more natural and convenient for the user, to the degree that app install ads and direct marketing could fuse together in the mobile ecosystem. These in-app shopping install ads have the potential to push the social network well beyond the massive $3.32 billion that it earned in the first quarter through ad revenues.

This form of mobile marketing doesn’t just stop at encouraging consumers to download an app. After all, application downloads aren’t all that helpful if consumers don’t do anything with them. Therefore, the ads for the apps are targeted to the people who are most likely to be a relevant market for the products or services being sold within the app. Then, once the app is downloaded, an ad is automatically launched to encourage the consumer to take the next step. This helps to make sure that the social network earns more through Facebook app marketing because it doesn’t just stop at the download, but it also earns commissions on a sale.

Mobile marketing from Facebook offers cross-app targeting

A smartphone focused advertising network has now been launched by the social media giant.

At the F8 developer conference, Facebook unveiled and launched their new mobile marketing network that provides the ability to target users throughout the various applications that they use on their devices.

This also gives the ability to target them for advertising based on the data they have shared with the social network.

The new mobile marketing product has been called the Facebook Audience Network, and it gives brands the ability to place their advertisements on third party applications through the use of the intricate targeting data from Facebook. This network has been under testing by the social media giant since 2012. It will give advertisers the capability to use both custom units or the traditional standard form of banner ads.

This new mobile marketing network will place Facebook in direct competition with InMobi and AdMob.

It also adds a new way in which Facebook is competing with Twitter, as that other social media platform has already taken its own type of approach to smartphone based advertising after it acquired the MoPub ad network in 2013.Mobile Marketing - Facebook cross-app targeting

So far, though there have been many efforts and repeated high hopes regarding Facebook’s mobile advertising strategies, there have yet to be a great deal of large scale successes. This, despite the fact that the social media platform claims that there are one million advertisers currently using it to reach consumers.

The signature smartphone ad, which gives developers the opportunity to be able to promote app installations, currently makes up 59 percent of the ad revenue for the company as a whole. Last Wednesday Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook was behind a massive 1 billion application installations until now. He added that “I’m really excited about this Audience Network,” expressing that “This is really the first time that we’re going to help you monetize in a serious way on mobile.”

This mobile marketing network is one of a series of new Facebook features that are focused on providing advertisers on developers. It is also working toward a method that will allow one app to be able to link to another without having to use a mobile web page as a “middleman” along the way.