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A portable charger can help you to save a bundle on gas

Though many people plug their mobile devices into their cars, they may be burning more gas than they know.

Many people have shrugged off the need for a portable charger due to the fact that they have an adaptor or a USB port that allows them to simply plug their devices into their vehicles so they can charge them up during their daily commutes and any other trips they need to make.

However, that technique may be more costly and may have a far greater impact on the environment than expected.

It has recently been pointed out in a number of reports that driving while talking on a cell phone isn’t the only harmful thing that these devices can do when they are used in vehicles. Even when the driver isn’t actively using them, if a smartphone is plugged into a car and is charging, instead of using a portable charger, it actually reduces the mileage of the vehicle in a measurable way. How much? According to a retired General Motors Co. engineering exec who studies power usage in vehicles, Jon Bereisa, people charging their smartphones in their cars are slashing their fuel efficiency by 0.03 miles per gallon of gasoline.

A portable charger is now seen as the best tool to avoid this harm to the environment and a driver’s wallet.

Portable Chargers - Gas SavingsWhen considering the number of vehicles and smartphones across the United States, Bereisa’s calculations show that charging using a car instead of an external battery pack could actually send an additional 970,000 tons of global warming-boosting carbon dioxide into the air.

That said, according to Delphi Automotive Plc vice president of engineering and program management, Mary Gustanski, “Do I think we’re at peak USB? No.” She added that “We’ll get more and more creative to not only allow you to connect with USB but also to connect wireless. Consumers want their car to be just like their home.”

While mobile technology may be evolving so that it will one day offer a solution that won’t have nearly as much of a negative impact on fuel consumption, until that day has come, a portable that fits easily in a pocket, handbag or glove compartment might be the ideal solution for fuel economy-conscious drivers who care about the environment and who are hoping to spend as little as possible at the pumps.

Among the top gadgets for youth is an external battery pack iPad users love

These days, the leading devices have a broad range of form and function to provide.

It feels as though a day can’t go by without another mention of the development of a new miracle gadget, from an external battery pack iPad owners can’t live without, to a mode of transportation small enough to fit into a backpack.

With all the latest technologies, the leading gadgets for youth are more exciting than ever before.

What is possible today, and completely available to today’s teens, and even younger children, are goals that would have been considered entirely out of reach only a handful of years ago. This has brought up the latest generation with an appetite for technology that is nearly insatiable. It’s no wonder something like an external battery pack iPad devices can use to charge more than once is considered to be a vital tool. People simply cannot live without their screens and WiFi connections.

That said, there is a lot more than an external battery pack iPad users need when it comes to top gadgets.

iPad Users - External Battery Pack iPadCheck out some of the latest, hottest gadgets that are appealing to young people right now:

• Creative D100 Portable Bluetooth Speakers – one thing that hasn’t changed is the love that the young generation has for music. It is only the technology used to play it that is different. These speakers allow for a full sound for music and videos, needing four AA batteries for an entirely wireless experience for 25 hours.
• Google Chromecast – this has not just become a new hit but it is now an ongoing one. This provides the opportunity to use a simple stick to stream video on any television with an HDMI port. Suddenly, any TV is a Smart TV.
• Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – this device may not have all the features offered by the Voyage, but it is often considered to be the best device Amazon has released, to date. It is light, durable and it does the trick for a very decent price. Furthermore, reading is easy in virtually any lighting because the screen brightness has been adjusted to perfection. For students, this can make a huge difference.