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Mobile commerce to see expansion throughout Europe through new partnership

Mobile Commerce Europe Mobile Payments PartnershipCardtek teams with Trevica to expand mobile commerce

The  Cardtek group, a provider of payment systems and services around the world, has entered into a partnership with Trevica, a subsidiary of MasterCard. Trevica is a payment processing firm based in Poland. The company has been attracting significant attention in recent months due to its capabilities in mobile commerce, which are backed by MasterCard. As mobile commerce grows more famous around the world, the need for mobile payment services increases, creating opportunities for companies looking to provide such services and accommodate the demands of consumers.

New NFC-based service to be introduced to Trevica

Through this partnership, Cardtek will work to establish an NFC-based mobile commerce system for Trevica. The system will leverage NFC technology to make mobile payments possible across a wide range of platforms. Trevica will use this new system to help facilitate mobile payments for European banks and other organizations that are interested in engaging mobile consumers on this level. While the system is designed to make mobile commerce more available throughout Europe, it may fall short due to the low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices.

NFC technology continues to prove problematic

NFC technology is widely considered to be a staple of mobile commerce. The technology provides a way for financial information to be access over very short distances, removing the need for physical forms of currency, such as cash or credit cards. Many of today’s mobile commerce services are based on NFC technology, but the availability of mobile devices equipped with this technology is low. Smartphones and tablets that do not use NFC technology cannot be used to facilitate mobile payments. Because NFC-enabled devices are not in high supply, the mobile commerce sector has grown slowly over time, leading many of the companies and organizations interested in this sector to seek out other forms of mobile commerce.

NFC may yet have a future in mobile commerce

Despite the problems associated with NFC technology, mobile commerce remains a very popular notion, especially among tech-savvy consumers that are constantly tethered to their mobile devices. As the demand for mobile commerce services grows, the supply for NFC-enabled devices also increases, making it more likely that more consumers will engage in mobile payments in the future. Partnerships like that between Cardtek and Trevica aim to take advantage of this trend.

Visa and Monitise look to expand mobile payments throughout Europe

Mobile Payments Partnership EuropeVisa and Monitise extend mobile payments partnership

Visa has announced that it is expanding its partnership with Monitise, a mobile payments company. The two companies have been working to expand the reach of mobile commerce throughout Europe and have been met with promising success thus far. Visa now aims to extend its partnership with Monitise through a new three-year commercial agreement. Per the agreement, the two companies will continue expanding into the European mobile commerce market, developing new mobile payments solutions that are designed with financial institutions in mind.

Mobile commerce is growing more popular among financial groups due to consumer demand

Mobile payments have been a relatively easy sell to consumers. Many people have shown  their willingness to use their smartphones and tablets to purchase goods and services. The concept has been more difficult to sell to financial institutions, which are more concerned with the risks associated with mobile commerce rather than its convenience. Despite these concerns and a reluctance to support mobile commerce, many European financial institutions are seeing rising demand from customers concerning mobile payments. Thus, these organizations are beginning to take steps to accommodate the wants of their customers.

New solutions to be introduced to European market

Through the agreements, Visa will be able to make use of mobile technology developed by Monitise. This technology will be put to use in the development of new mobile payments solutions. As these solutions take form, Visa will help promote them to European markets as well as help ensure that these solutions are secure against the threats that exist in the mobile world. Visa and Monitise have already deployed mobile payments services to more than 3,000 banks and financial institutions in Europe and the two companies are expected to look to take advantage of this momentum.

Visa and Monitise seek to dominate Europe with mobile payments

Visa notes that the way people pay for goods and services is changing. More people have access to smartphones and tablets than ever before and these consumers are finding that mobile commerce offers them a convenient and safe way to make purchases. Visa and Monitise will work to continue establishing their commanding presence in the European market, hoping to fortify themselves against competing parties that are looking to do the same.