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Is the ebook market a requirement for today’s authors?

Though e-editions of novels looked as though they were starting to dip, they are suddenly rebounding.

The ebook market had been going through a period in which its future was not entirely certain as both the growth of downloads and the purchase of dedicated e-readers had looked as though they were slowing, but these digital editions appear to be rebounding to the point that many authors feel that ebooks have become a required format.

The concept of an ebook had been a tough sell for some time, but it seems that it has now gained mainstream acceptance.

According to Julie B. Campbell, co-author of the popular Perspective book series, ebook editions are no longer a luxury. They’re an expectation from readers. “It used to be that the initial launch of a novel involved the release of a hardcover and then an eventual paperback,” she said. “Now, with the importance of the ebook market, that first hardcover is typically accompanied by a Kindle, Kobo and Nook edition’s availability. They’re even included in the pre-orders before the official release date.”

The ebook market has struggled to reach this point, having faced many controversies and legal battles.

Ebook Market - Perspective - Love at First PlightFor Campbell and her co-author, Amanda Giasson, there wasn’t any question as to whether or not they would be producing a version of their novels – Love at First Plight and Second Wind – in a format that was compatible with e-readers, tablets and even smartphones. Both the first and second volumes in their series were launched in formats compatible with the leading ebook retailers and they have every intention to continue in that same direction.

“I’d love to say we’re doing it because we have some kind of inside knowledge about the ebook market, but the truth is, we’re just offering our books in the format our readers want. Every author I can think of in our genre – Marissa Mayer, John Darryl Winston, Kiera Kass, Kat Stiles – has released ebook versions of their series.”

Readers appreciate the ease of e-reading. Ebooks can be downloaded immediately upon purchase and can be read wherever they have their mobile devices. Moreover, authors enjoy the opportunity to provide more digital content and media through ebooks that simply cannot be made available in traditional print. “Introducing our readers to our fantasy world of Qarradune also means introducing them to character names and places that they may not know how to pronounce. We’ve recorded the proper pronunciation of these names and have included them on our official website, which readers can easily access with a click or a tap via the link in our ebook.”

The ebook market currently accounts for about 20 percent of the total book industry. According to Amazon’s figures from 2015, indie publishers and self-published authors are gaining the most in terms of revenues, while traditional publishers appear to be among those facing the greatest struggles in this sector.

M-commerce settlement from Apple progresses without a blink from investors

Wall Street didn’t appear to be all that affected following the announcement of the ebook settlement.

It has now been reported that Apple has come to an m-commerce settlement when it comes to issues involving accusations of collusion between the company and book publishers in order to fix the prices of ebooks.

When all was said and done, it was announced that Apple had agreed to a settlement of $450 million.

Though it had been expected by some that investors on Wall Street would shudder when they heard about the considerable m-commerce settlement payment that Apple had agreed to make, the reality of it was that they seemed rather unaffected by it. In fact, as a whole, it appears as though those investors have made the group decision to simply look the other way and allow the settlement to occur and be tucked away in the past.

If one was not watching the m-commerce news, it would appear as though nothing had happened.

m-commerce - AppleSome experts in the industry are now predicting that this mobile commerce settlement has held a buy and not sell position, and that the investor reactions could be seen as a confirmation that this could be the strategy to take.

It is clear that investors are taking this opportunity to place their focus on the company’s power for long term earnings instead of falling victim to anxieties that are caused by headlines that appear much more dramatic than they may actually be.

Apple also received a bit of a hand in putting any of the negative news behind it and causing investors to look ahead to a more positive future when they took the opportunity to announce that they had entered into a new partnership with IBM in order to ensure a much more solid entry into the enterprise environment.

When all was said and done, while a settlement of $450 million may sound considerable, when it comes to the size of the m-commerce at Apple and the direction that the company appears to be taking, it does, in fact, appear to be easy to think of the situation as little more than an uncomfortable pimple that will heal up and be entirely forgotten in the future.