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New mobile commerce incubator to be set up in India this year

Alibaba and Globals will be establishing an incubator to help mobile commerce and mobile Internet startups

China’s Alibaba will be establishing a startup incubator for mobile Internet and mobile commerce in Bangalore, India. The project will be set up in partnership with Globals, an Indian mobile and analytics solutions company. The two companies have taken note of the meteoric rise of digital commerce, a rapidly increasing number of consumers opting to use their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products online and in physical stores.

Alibaba continues to invest heavily in the mobile space in order to establish dominance in digital commerce

Alibaba has already invested quite heavily in both the electronic and mobile commerce sectors. The company is considered China’s largest online retailer organization and rivals both eBay and Amazon in the global market. Over the past few years, Alibaba has been focusing more of its attention on the mobile space, opting to support mobile projects and platforms that allow consumers to use their smartphones and tablets to shop online.

India is one of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets

Mobile Commerce in IndiaIndia is often characterized as one of the world’s fastest growing mobile commerce markets. The expansion of the mobile Internet throughout the country has made it possible for more consumers to participate in mobile commerce. As consumers becoming increasingly mobile, more startups are beginning to emerge that aim to provide valuable services to these consumers. In order for these startups to become successful, however, they must have the appropriate financial support and, in some cases, access to experienced consulting services.

New incubator will provide support for mobile commerce startups in India

The incubator that Alibaba and Globals will set up is expected to be launched in May or June of this year. The incubator will provide startups with mentoring and financial aid, pairing companies with the appropriate financiers and consulting services that they need. The incubator could be a boon for the numerous mobile commerce startups that are beginning to emerge in India, which could bolster the overall mobile market of the country

Report highlights the growth of mobile commerce during the 2014 holiday season

ChannelAdvisor releases report showing that online merchants had a successful holiday season

ChannelAdvisor has released its latest report concerning the performance of online marketplaces during the holiday season. Companies like Amazon and eBay have performed well during the 2014 holiday season, particularly because of their focus on mobile commerce. According to the report from ChannelAdvisor, online marketplaces say a 16.2% increase in digital sales during the holidays. Much of this growth came from mobile shopping, as consumers opted to use their smartphones and tablets to purchase products rather than visit physical stores.

Amazon saw an increase in online sales during the holidays, with some of its growth powered by mobile commerce

Amazon saw a 26% increase in sales among same-store merchants. These merchants fall into the category of those that have been selling through Amazon for at least one year. Amazon saw significant growth in online sales because of its aggressive promotional deals, which were launched at the beginning of December. Some of these deals were offered to mobile consumers specifically, creating an incentive for consumers to participate in mobile commerce.

Mobile shopping continues to gain momentum among consumers and businesses

mobile commerce - holiday seasonMobile commerce proved quite popular during the holiday season because of its convenient nature. Many consumers opted to shop on their mobile device in order to avoid the chaotic crowds that surge to physical stores during the holidays. By shopping on a mobile device, many consumers were able to purchase products from the comfort of their homes, or while traveling, and these products could be delivered to a destination of their choosing.

Online retailers are beginning to focus more heavily on the mobile commerce sector

Online retailers have been engaged in e-commerce for several years, but they are relatively new to the mobile commerce space. These companies have managed to engage mobile consumers effectively during the holidays, which has granted them some significant momentum going into the new year. Consumers are likely to continue using their mobile devices to shop online, especially as mobile commerce platforms become more engaging and offer better experiences.