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Geolocation indoors is the next big game for Google, Apple, and eBay

New data is showing that many of the industry giants are making location based progress.

According to some of the latest information that has been released by ABI Research, a number of industry giants – including Google, Apple, and eBay – are placing their focus on making considerable moves into the realm of geolocation and its many possibilities.

Though this is not necessarily anything new, it is the fact that they are taking it indoors that is drawing attention.

To start, the estimates by ABI Research have suggested that the geolocation indoor market will be worth more than $4 billion by 2018. This was revealed in the quarterly Location Technologies Market Data which is issued by that agency. It provides a measure of the adoption of indoor geolocation technologies, mapping, as well as businesses that are making their way into this particular space.

By the end of next year, the overall market of geolocation technology installations will be greater than 25,000.

Geolocation - Google, eBay and AppleThis, according to the ABI Research data that was released in the report. It also pointed out that smartphones that are capable of supporting indoor geolocation technology will have reached the hundreds of millions over the span of the next two years. The result is that virtually every major company will have begun to take considerable steps into this sphere.

Patrick Connolly, an ABI Research senior analyst, stated that “Apple’s new A7 co-processor coupled with the acquisition of WifiSLAM highlights indoor as a priority.” He went on to say that “Both Apple and eBay have announced support for dedicated BLE beacons, a technology that is set for a huge 2014 as major IC and device OEMs make it widely available.”

Connolly also explained that Google is maintaining an expansion of geolocation based indoor mapping and that it has been discussing some of its intentions for this technology quite openly at I/O. He also added that it isn’t just the smartphone manufacturers that are involved in this technology, as there have been four large AP providers (Motorola, Cisco, Ruckus, and Aruba) that have acquired business within this space. He noted that it was interesting to find that Nokia had held its own indoor and mapping capabilities, showing that this was being viewed as a region in which considerable future growth was possible.

Geolocation technology can now generate local deal opportunities

Geolocation - local dealsNew features through eBay’s RedLaser have made discounts and in-store mapping possible.

According to the latest news from eBay Inc. and its RedLaser app, new geolocation features will now allow consumers to discover offers and deals from local retailers that are close by, with a simple tap of the screen.

So far, there are several big name participants in this program that could be beneficial to shoppers.

Among the deals that can be discovered through this geolocation app are those from Sears, Best Buy, and Toys ‘R’ Us, among others. This latest update to the mobile commerce app from eBay occurred earlier this week. Since then, it has included a Local Deals tab, as well as additional coupons to help promote savings.

Among the additional geolocation features are the ability to clip coupons, view flyers, and receive alerts.

The notification alerts occur when a nearby store is offering RedLaser deals. The geolocation technology then takes things a step further by allowing the smartphone user to view interactive in-store mapping of various retailers such as some Home Depot and Walgreen’s locations.

According to the geolocation technology news releases, the RedLaser app can now be used in a broad range of different ways. It opens by suggesting products that the user may find appealing. These are selected based on the searches that have previously been performed by the consumer since first using the app. The app can also be tapped to see the top deals of the day. Beyond that, its features have already included searching by image and keyword, as well as scanning product barcodes.

In order to use the geolocation feature for local deals, users of the app can tap the new tab and browse for the various offers available nearby in the “browse deals around you” section, which is accessed through a button tap. This provides a list of nearby retailers that participate in the program, ordered from closest to the one that is farthest away. Choosing a specific retailer opens a page that includes details about the nearby store location, its available weekly flyer, any coupons that can be used in-store, any online offers being made available, as well as an in-store map (if it is available at that location).