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Mobile commerce is exploding in India

Gartner report shows the growth of India’s digital commerce market

India is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading mobile commerce markets. Overall, digital commerce is growing quickly throughout the country, with consumers beginning to favor shopping online rather than visit physical stores. This is due to the convenient nature of e-commerce, and more consumers are beginning to rely on their mobile devices to get their shopping done. A new report from Gartner highlights the growing power of the digital commerce market in India.

More consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop online

According to the report from Gartner, the Indian digital commerce market has reached $7 billion. While digital commerce represents less than one percent of total retail sales in the country, this market is growing very quickly. The market is still in a nascent stage in India, with relatively low Internet penetration slowing the adoption of online shopping. The market has grown by 40% year on year, with business to business commerce leading the way. Notably, mobile commerce is the primary channel powering the growth of the market.

Low Internet penetration is slowing the adoption of mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Taking off in IndiaConsumers appear to favor shopping with their smartphones and tablets, as they can get their shopping done no matter where they are in the country. In 2014, more than 40% of all digital commerce transactions came from mobile devices. By the end of this year, more than half of these transactions are expected to come from smartphones and tablets, according to Gartner. The convenient nature of mobile commerce is one of its most attractive features, and more retailers are beginning to embrace the mobile space in order to effectively connect with consumers.

Retailers are embracing the mobile world

As mobile commerce continues to grow, retailers are likely to become more mobile-centric, offering new services to online shoppers. Financial institutions are also embracing the mobile space, introducing new applications that allow consumers to manage their finances with their mobile devices. India is expected to become one of the most prominent mobile commerce markets in the world in the coming years.

UK leads the world in mobile payments

Report shows that mobile commerce is growing rapidly throughout the world

The United Kingdom leads the world in terms of mobile payments, according to a new study compiled by Adyen, a payment technology company. More consumers in the United Kingdom are beginning to use their mobile devices for a wide range of activities, including shopping for products that they are interested in. This is not a trend that exists in the United Kingdom alone, of course, as much of the world is becoming more involved in the mobile commerce scene.

44% of all online transactions made in the United Kingdom have been made through a mobile device of some kind

According to the report from Adyen, nearly 27% of all global online transactions during the first quarter of this year were made using a mobile device. This is a 39% increase over the mobile payments that were made during the same period of 2014. In the United Kingdom, some 44.4% of all online transactions are being made through a smartphone or tablet. The country is leading the way in terms of mobile payments and has established itself as a prominent mobile market.

Efficient payment infrastructure and competitive mobile network industry provides consumers with more options

UK Mobile Payments LeaderAdyen suggests that the United Kingdom’s position as a leader in the mobile payments industry highlights the country’s robust payment infrastructure. This infrastructure has made it possible for mobile consumers to participate in digital commerce more easily, giving them the tools they need to engage businesses and one another through financial means. The UK is also home to a highly competitive mobile network industry, with several companies vying for the support of consumers that are interested in all things mobile-centric.

UK expected to retain its position in the mobile payments space in the coming years

Competition among these companies has lead to an increase in the number of mobile commerce services that are available to consumers. A greater number of mobile commerce options has made it easier for people to become involved in this space. The United Kingdom is not expected to lose its top position in the mobile payments space in the near future.