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Global Mobile Workforce Solutions Market is expected to cross over $5 billion by 2019

Global Mobile Workforce Solutions Market: Market Research 2015-2019

Covering: This report covers the segmentation of the global mobile workforce solutions market based on industry and geography (Americas, APAC, and EMEA). It includes an insightful analysis of the leading vendors of this market (ServiceMax. Oracle, SAP, ClickSoftware, Verizone and IFS).

Market overview of mobile workforce solutions

Growing demand for enterprise mobility is the key factor driving the adoption of mobile workforce solutions across enterprises. The market is likely to account for a CAGR of 28% during 2014-2019. A new era of the business environment with smart connected devices has created opportunities for mobility service vendors. Enterprises need a focused business strategy with the integration of mobility services to make employees more productive.

This market research report emphasizes the involvement of mobile workforce solutions in enterprises for the management of remote operations. With an increase in the number of mobile workforce, especially in APAC and North America, the market is expected to gain significant traction in the years to come.

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Market segmentation of mobile workforce solutions by type
• On-premises solutions
• Cloud-based solutions

On-premises solutions are characterized as the solutions offered within office promises, come at large upfront cost. This segment accounted small market share compared to cloud-based solutions in 2014, and the study predicts a decline in its market share by 2019. However, the demand for a cloud-based solution will tremendously witness an upsurge during the forecast period as consumerization of IT is playing a crucial role.

The report also predicts the introduction of many innovative offerings with lifetime service support by the leading vendors of this market. The services segment of this market is expected to cross over $5 billion by 2019.

Geographical segmentation of mobile workforce market
• Americas

Enterprises in the Americas are adopting the latest technology at a fast pace. However, the YoY growth rate of the market is declining compared to rising trend in other regions. In North America, the market is experiencing new investments from traditional players to strengthen their current offerings. EMEA is expected to be a fast follower in adopting these mobile services as the various mobile workforce applications are continuously gaining traction among the Middle East countries.

The adoption of advanced technologies such as mobile workforce planning and string development of network infrastructure in APAC contributes substantially toward the growth of the market.

Vendor landscape of mobile workforce market:-
The competitive environment of this market is expected to intensify with an increase in R&D innovations and M&A in the coming years. The market is also likely to witness a growing trend of local acquisitions by the leading players. The key players in the market are expected to diversify their geographical presence with a focus on APAC and Western European countries during the forecast period.

• ServiceMax
• Oracle
• ClickSoftware
• Verizone

The other prominent vendors of the market include Actsoft, ADP, Airclic, Aricent , AT&T, Bell Mobility , FeedHenry , MobiWork , Pegasystems , ProntoForms, ServicePower, Sprint, TeleCommunications System Telenav, Telus International, Trimble, Vox Mobile, WorkForce Software, Zebra Technologies.

New Apple mobile security patent could send fingerprints to the cloud

A new filing has been spotted that could bring the data from Touch ID to other devices via the cloud.

The US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent filing from Apple that could have to do with part of its mobile security feature that collects fingerprints in order to unlock devices and conduct other functions through certain iPhone models.

The filing was called “Finger biometric sensor data synchronization via a cloud computing device and related methods”.

The patent described a method of recording an individual’s fingerprints by way of the Touch ID mobile security sensor from Apple, so this information could then be uploaded to the cloud and synced with other Apple devices. The sensor necessary for Touch ID has been built into Apple technology in its smartphones since the iPhone 5S, and in the iPads that have been released since that time in 2013. The sensor allows a device owner to use his or her fingerprints in order to access the device. However, more recently, it also became an identity verification feature when making purchases through the new mobile wallet system, Apple Pay.

This potential change to the mobile security feature is meant to help to make the system more convenient.

Mobile Security - Cloud TechnologyApple described in the patent filing that enrollment into Touch ID could potentially be “cumbersome for users in some instances, such as when multiple fingerprints, users and/or devices are used.” By synchronizing the process using a cloud based function, it would help to eliminate the need to re-register a device owner’s fingerprints on every device, in addition to the fingerprints of all of the other people who are to be given permission to access the iOS gadget.

At the time of the writing of this article, the Touch ID security page at Apple explained that “iOS and other apps never access your fingerprint data, it’s never stored on Apple servers, and it’s never backed up to iCloud or anywhere else.”

If that mobile security policy is to remain the same, it makes one wonder how this potential cloud synchronization technology could possible work, and how it could be safely applied in order to protect the data from the Touch ID feature.