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Mobile phones are used for internet access by half the Chinese population

According to a recent report, approximately 620 million people in China use smartphone to go online.

A new official report from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has said that around 620 million people in the country – about half of its population – use their mobile phones in order to access the web.

These figures were collected throughout last year and represented the statistics as of the end of December 2015.

This figure represents an increase of 63.03 million users of mobile phones for accessing the internet, last year. It is also a figure that represents about 90.1 percent of the total number of internet users in China, which is estimated to be 688 million. This helps to further illustrate the importance of mobile devices as a driver in the internet user population in China. Smartphones have allowed the country to achieve the highest internet using population in the world, by far, said the CNNIC.

That said, it is important to note that the users of those mobile phones experience the same online restrictions.

Mobile Phone Use in ChinaThe Chinese government imposes strict controls over the content that is permitted online. Despite the fact that e-commerce is among the core components of its efforts to convert its economy into one that is more consumer demand based, these regulations remain. In fact, the system currently in place has been called the “Great Firewall of China”, blocking out any content it has determined to be politically sensitive.

The CNNIC report showed that there are about 127 million people in China whose internet access is exclusively over mobile phones. Broad efforts have been made within the country in order to help to boost the internet coverage and, as a result, public services, the standard of living and e-commerce have all benefitted.

The statistics offered by the report have predicted that the number of people who are using mobile health, mobile wallets or online education over smartphones had reached the 152 million, 358 million and 110 million mark, respectively, last year. Furthermore, an estimated 96.6 million people in the country – that is, one in every 14 people in China – used a mobile device in order to call a cab in 2015.

Mobile phones will reach 90 percent penetration by 2020

This prediction was produced in an Ericsson Mobility Report that was recently issued by the company.

According to a recent Ericsson Mobility Report, within the global population over the age of 6 years, there will have been a 90 percent penetration of mobile phones by the year 2020, and there will be an estimated 6.1 billion smartphone subscriptions around the world.

The report showed that the markets that will experience the fastest growth include India and China.

India has already seen 18 million new mobile phones subscriptions, and China is anticipated to see 12 million new subscriptions, within the third quarter of this year, alone. In this year as a whole, the report predicted that there will be a worldwide total of 2.7 billion subscriptions when the 800 million new subscriptions that will have been added throughout the year. The report revealed this year’s growth trends while predicting that they will continue at a rapid rate over the five years to follow.

The report also showed that the use of mobile phones in terms of internet traffic will grow in specific areas.

Mobile Phone UseFor example, by 2020, of all of the mobile data traffic consumed worldwide, there will be an increase in video traffic to the point that it will make up 55 percent of total data. This will represent an increase in video traffic by ten times.

These forecasts were meant to provide a comprehensive update with regards to mobile trends. The predictions were based on big data that was gleaned from live networks around the world. According to the Ericsson senior vice president, chief strategy officer, and head of M&A, Rima Qureshi, “The falling cost of handsets, coupled with improved usability and increasing network coverage, are factors that are making mobile technology a global phenomenon that will soon be available to the vast majority of the world’s population, regardless of age or location.”

Qureshi went on to add that this most recent report from Ericcson has shown that in six years from now, there will be greater connectivity through subscriptions with mobile phones around the world than has ever been seen.