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Mobile commerce is growing quickly in the UK

New report shows that online retail sales are growing due to mobile shopping

Mobile commerce is powering growth in online retail sales in the United Kingdom, according to a new report from IMRG and Capgemini. The report shows that online retailers are beginning to see a surge in mobile traffic and sales. Consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to do their shopping more regularly, which has lead to an increase in mobile commerce and has opened new opportunities for retailers to engage mobile consumers.

40% of online retail sales are coming from mobile devices

According to the report from IMRG and Capgemini, some 40% of online retail sales are being made through mobile devices, up from 37% that was reported in the previous quarter. Mobile spending is growing quickly, as more online retailers take steps to accommodate the needs of mobile consumers. The report notes that 25% of mobile commerce sales are completed through smartphones, while 75% of these sales are made through tablets.

Tablets are favored among mobile shoppers because they offer a more enjoyable shopping experience than smartphones

Mobile Commerce UK GrowthTablet devices appear to be favored among mobile shoppers. This could have to do with the larger screens of tablets. A large screen allows for more control and is more aligned with the design features of mobile retail sites. This provides a more enjoyable shopping experience for consumers, many of whom have shown favor for mobile commerce because of its convenient nature. Retailers are taking steps to be more accommodating to smartphone users, some of whom have suggested that the shopping experience on some mobile sites is subpar.

Demand for in-store mobile commerce support is growing among consumers

While online sales are growing quickly because of mobile commerce, in-store mobile sales are lagging behind. Relatively few retailers support mobile payments at their physical locations, but this could change in the coming years. New services are making it possible for retailers to accept these payments in their stores, and demand for such support is growing quickly among consumers that are interested in mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce sees promising growth in the UK

Report highlights growth of UK mobile commerce

A new report from Capgemini, a business consultancy firm, and IMRG, an online retail association based in the United Kingdom, show that mobile sales in the UK grew by 133% year on year in August. The report shows that mobile sales reached more than $1.8 billion in this time, representing major growth in the field of mobile commerce. In the United Kingdom, more consumers are opting to shop and make purchases using their smartphones and tablets as more comprehensive mobile commerce services become available.

Online sales grow 18% in August

In general, online sales in the United Kingdom grew by 18% in August of this year, reaching over $7 billion. Consumers appear to prefer traditional forms of online shopping, such as buying products from home using their computers, but a growing number of people are showing interest in mobile commerce. Smartphone and tablet adoption is on the rise, which is one of the factors contributing to the growth of mobile commerce. Another factor has to do with the increased focus that retailers are putting on mobile consumers.

Mobile Commerce on rise in UKRetailers seek to engage mobile consumers

Many UK retailers have been making major revisions to their websites to be more accommodating to mobile users. These retailers are attempting to optimize the mobile shopping experience, encouraging consumers to make purchases using their mobile device. A good experience with mobile commerce is likely to ensure consumers continue making mobile purchases. In the past, poor mobile commerce experiences have kept consumers away from mobile shopping on certain platforms.

Security fears seem to be mitigated

Consumers in the UK appear to be growing more confident in the security associated with mobile commerce as well. Security has long been one of the most challenging issues of the mobile commerce sector. Consumers often express concerns regarding the safety of their financial information, but retailers and mobile commerce firms appear to be providing higher levels of security to allay any sense of fear that consumers may have.