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Braintree mobile payments to include Visa Checkout

Both PayPal and Visa announced that the credit card service would soon be available to the platform’s merchants.

Visa and PayPal have both announced that Braintree mobile payments using merchants will soon have access to Visa Checkout. Braintree is PayPal’s payment processing company catering to online companies. Some of the more notable brands using these mobile payments include Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb and Evenbrite.

With Braintree, merchants can accept a spectrum of different types of online payment options.

The Braintree mobile payments platform lets merchants accept transactions by way of a mobile app, online and in-store. Soon, it will also include Visa Checkout as an option. In this way, Visa cardholders will be able to make a payment to these merchants using any connected device. Visa Checkout is already being used by several online merchants including Walgreens, Best Buy and Starbucks.

A statement from the credit card company pointed out that Visa Checkout will bring familiarity to Braintree mobile payments.

Braintree mobile payments - Open Sign with VisaVisa senior vice president of digital solutions, Sam Shrauger, said “With the Visa card at the center of the payment experience, Visa Checkout brings familiarity and trust to digital shopping offered by Braintree’s customers — some of the most innovative merchants driving eCommerce and mCommerce today.” He also added that Visa is “thrilled” with their new partnership with Braintree and PayPal for improving the way credit cards work on any connected device.

Merchants in the United States will gain access to Visa Checkout through the Braintree SDK in early 2017. The seamless integration of that SDK makes it possible for merchants to enable new buying experiences and payment options. At the moment, there are 14 million consumer accounts with Visa Checkout as well as thousands of merchant accounts.

This new agreement between PayPal and Visa has arrived at a time when some of the heat has eased in the rivalry between the two companies. They announced a strategic partnership in July. That brought the largest global payment network together with the biggest digital payments network. With Braintree mobile payments there will be improved choice for consumers paying with PayPal accounts. The companies feel this is taking them both “on a new path.”

eBay acquires mobile commerce firm Braintree

eBay continues to make aggressive moves in the mobile commerce field

Retail giant already boasts of a formidable presence in the mobile sector, but that does not mean that the company has grown complacent. Through its PayPal subsidiary, eBay has been working to engage consumers throughout the world on the field of mobile commerce. With mobile devices becoming more common, people around the world are beginning to engage in new forms of commerce. Mobile commerce has become one of the most lucrative fields in the mobile space and has attracted the interest of retail and technology companies of all kinds.

Braintree expects to process $12 billion in payments this year

This week, eBay announced its acquisition of Braintree, a mobile commerce specialist, for $800 million. The company plans to combine Braintree with the mobile payments division of PayPal in order to bolster its growing mobile commerce infrastructure. Braintree estimates that it will process more than $12 billion in mobile payments this year and it lists Rovio, OpenTable, TaskRabbit, and Heroku among its clients.

Venmo application now available to eBay

Through the acquisition, eBay has gained access to Braintree’s Venmo application, which facilitates mobile payments from smartphones and tablets. The application is yet another platform through which eBay and PayPal can engage mobile consumers. PayPal is a strong advocate of mobile commerce platforms that are not wholly reliant on NFC technology. The company has some security concerns when it comes to NFC and is also critical of the exclusive nature of the technology. The low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices makes it difficult for many consumers to participate in mobile commerce in any meaningful way.

Braintree expected to continue current operations alongside PayPal

Braintree is expected to continue many of its current operations. Per the acquisition, the company will exist as a separate entity within PayPal and will provide services that will fall under the Braintree name. The company is also engaged in a partnership with Facebook concerning streamlining mobile commerce through the Auto Fill with Facebook initiative.