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BlackBerry technology news includes latest device launch

The rollout will be for a premium smartphone which has been nicknamed the “Porsche”.

It is not shocking BlackBerry technology news that the handset manufacturer has been struggling significantly over the last while, and that its previous device launches have been greatly unsuccessful.

What has come as a surprise to some is that it is now releasing a phone with a $2,400 price tag.

This exceptionally high end smartphone is making BlackBerry technology news headlines as the price tag is tremendous, despite the fact that it has been having a very hard time encouraging anyone to purchase – or even stock – the Z10 phones from its previous launch. The Huffington Post has revealed that the handset manufacturer looked to Porsche, the luxury vehicle maker, in the creation of the upcoming product.

The P’9982 that is making BlackBerry technology news headlines will be considered a luxury phone.

The P’9982 first hit the online store shelves on November 21. It was available in only a few specific locations, including the online store for Porsche Design, and at the world famous Harrods department store in London, England. This massively expensive smartphone runs on its own customized version of the manufacturer’s own operating system, the BlackBerry 10.2.

Its unveiling shows that it features a 1.5 GhZ dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 Chipset. It also boasts a 4.2 inch display and a 768 x 1280 resolution. Although the basic storage for the device is rather standard, at 16GB, built in, it can easily be expanded with a MicroSD card up to a much more healthy 64GB. Furthermore, the customers of Porsche Design will be able to take advantage of a broad spectrum of apps, including productivity, games, music, and video applications.

The Porsche Design Group CEO, Juergen Gessler, has explained that this new device that is making Blackberry technology news has been created as engineered luxury combined with powered performance. At the same time, the BlackBerry senior vice president of design, Alistair Hamilton, said that this newest product brings together the unique design of the Porsche iconic brand and the power of the latest devices that the handset manufacturer has released in the 10 series.

Technology news bursts with chatter over BlackBerry takeover

Shareholders are breathing once more as the smartphone manufacturer inks a deal for its sale.

BlackBerry has finally struck a deal that is topping technology news headlines, as a consortium that is lead by its largest shareholder – Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. – made an offer that it could not refuse.

The deal couldn’t come at a better time, stopping the downward spiral of the company’s share price.

Trading of the BlackBerry stocks came to a dead halt when it accepted an offer to be bought out by the consortium, led by the Canadian company. This sale will purchase the withering smartphone manufacturer for $9 (US) per share, which was above the price at which the stocks were being sold when they stopped trading. That said, this technology news figure is also well below the price at which the stocks were being sold before they began their freefall on Friday.

This technology news arrived just after the company declared its devastating second quarter losses.

Technology News - Blackberry takeoverOn Friday, the company started a complete meltdown of its share prices when it released the highly unpleasant technology news in which it stated that it had lost $1 billion in sales during the second quarter.

The technology news headlines have been heavily focused on BlackBerry, lately, as it unexpectedly launched a new handset and made its BBM messenger service available to Android and iOS based device users. Even these moves couldn’t come close to rescuing the company as it continued its rapid downward slide. Analysts and industry experts were releasing dozens of predictions regarding the future of the company, from sale to rebuilding itself, and from bankruptcy to breaking itself up and selling off the pieces.

Finally, the light shone at the end of the tunnel as the more definitive technology news was announced to reveal that Blackberry would, indeed, be sold, for an estimated $4.7 billion, all in cash. The Fairfax shares will also be applied against the deal. This could mean that there is a promising private sector future ahead of the tech company, once more, though the precise details of that future have yet to be known.