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Mobile devices to be launched for first time by Blackberry-Foxconn

The Jakarta handset is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2014.

The partnership between BlackBerry and Foxconn, which was first announced in December of last year, is about to produce its very first release of mobile devices, which will be debuted at the MWC 2014.New Blackberry-Foxconn Mobile Devices to be Launched

This answers the question that many people had about the next BlackBerry 10 based device.

According to Terry Gou, the chairman of Foxconn, when asked about the newest mobile devices from the struggling manufacturer, “We are working with them to design a new device, and we will showcase multiple devices at the trade show in Barcelona in February.” The specs regarding the handset have not been revealed, as it appears that the companies are attempting to keep them secret until the official launch.

The prediction is that the mobile devices will be lower end, and will be the BlackBerry Jakarta.

This lower end gadget will not be featuring a physical keyboard, as has been desired by many of the most loyal among the last lingering BlackBerry device owners. Instead, it will have a much more cost effective full touchscreen display. The goal is predicted to be to provide consumers with a new option to be able to purchase a touchscreen smartphone without a large price tag.

Many have been greatly interested in the fact that it seems that Gou has been talking about several mobile devices, and not a single gadget. This has spawned a great deal of speculation as to whether this means that BlackBerry will be launching more than one new handset, or if there will be more that are being manufactured by Foxconn, which could also suggest that Firefox OS gadgets will also be working their way into the mix.

It is believed that the “Jakarta” mobile devices will be slated to hit the emerging markets midway through the spring, this year, in April or May. This will still be at least a couple of months after its initial unveiling at the massive international technology news event. This description of the expected gadgets aligns well with the direction that the partnership had intended to take throughout 2014 and into the future.

Mobile devices lawsuit from BlackBerry seeks next step against Typo

The handset manufacturer is now after a court order to stop Seacrest’s case.

Radio and television celebrity, Ryan Seacrest, is the founder of Typo, is now in the spotlight for a reason that is very different than being the host of the massively popular “American Idol”, as the company is now being sued by struggling Canadian mobile devices maker, BlackBerry Ltd.Mobile Devices - Blackberry Lawsuit

The company is now trying to stop Typo from being able to ship its latest iPhone Case.

According to BlackBerry, Typo Products LLC has created mobile devices for iPhones that copies the smartphone manufacturer’s designs. For that reason, BlackBerry has not only sued Typo, but it has also now asked a U.S. judge to stop Typo from being able to ship this $99 accessory that is meant to be used with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S. It is a gadget that is designed with an integrated keyboard and it allegedly infringes on the design and invention s of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry made its filing to stop the mobile devices from being sold in a federal court in San Francisco.

The lawsuit was initially filed back on January 3 with the allegation that Typo was infringing on BlackBerry’s patents. BlackBerry feels that it is very likely to succeed with this suit, but that if Typo is permitted to continue to sell its gadget, then BlackBerry could suffer “irreparable injury”. It should also be pointed out that Apple is not involved in this case in any way, despite the fact that the accessory was built to be compatible with a couple of its products.

Over the last recent years, BlackBerry has been dramatically struggling as it has gradually and increasingly rapidly lost business to Google Android and Apple. During the third quarter of 2013, its share of the worldwide smartphone market plummeted to only 1.7 percent, when it had previously dominated that market space. A year before, in the third quarter of 2012, the market share had been 4.1 percent. These statistics are according to IDC.

The hearing for BlackBerry’s request to order Typo not to manufacture, offer, sell, market, distribute, or promote the mobile devices has been scheduled for March 5.