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Blackberry smartphones are getting cheaper

The Canadian mobile handset maker is lowering the price tag associated with some of its key devices.

According to recently published reports, BlackBerry smartphones are starting to see some notably lower price tags associated with their purchase, including: BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Z30, and BlackBerry Q5.

The company announced the prices on the official store site, this week, and are effective immediately.

Among the Blackberry smartphones that are raising eyebrows in terms of their newly reduced prices are the Classic and the Passport. This is particularly true because these were released with a great deal of fanfare, only last year. The Passport features a 13 megapixel camera and a uniquely square shaped touch screen. The Classic, on the other hand, has an 8 megapixel camera and a considerable 22 hours of battery life.

The Passport BlackBerry smartphone price has been reduced by a hefty $50, bringing it to $549 from $599.

BlackBerry Smartphones - Prices LoweredThe $50 reduction in price is also available on the Classic, which is now being sold for $399 instead of $449. The $50 appears to be the standard savings that has been applied to all of the devices that have been included in this price reduction. That said, the Q5 will now be sold for an even better price as it has been given an ultra affordable price of $149 instead of its typical price of $249. Similarly, the Z30 is now going for only $229 when it used to be $349.

Those are the prices that have been listed on the U.S. BlackBerry website, but it appears as though the reduction in cost is being applied to the devices around the world. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Passport used to be priced at £559 but now they are being sold for £529 and the Classic, which used to be £319 is now £349.

The reduction in the price of the BlackBerry smartphones occurred following a Morgan Stanley report that indicated that there has a reduction in the sales of the company’s mobile devices. It has been working to increase their sales, particularly among their premium devices. Enhancing affordability appears to be the latest step in the company’s strategy.

BlackBerry Passport to sell for less than the iPhone 6

The Canadian company is releasing its newest Passport smartphone today.

BlackBerry Passport is set to be officially unveiled today, Wednesday, September 24, 2014, and without a carrier contract in the United States, the price of the device will be US$599, which is about $50 to $250 less expensive than the variety of models of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Apple’s iPhone 6 currently available on the market.

The lower price could give Blackberry an advantage over its competition.

Although its specifications are similar to other smartphones, one of the primary features that sets the Passport apart from other devices is its full HD 4.5 inch square screen, which is said to provide a viewing space that is comparable to a 5-inch phone, but with a superior viewing experience due to the width of the screen.

According to the company, the shape makes it easier and more comfortable for users to view data and activities on their screen compared to the standard rectangular-shaped screens. Furthermore, just like its name, the new device is shaped like an actual passport. This design was intentional, allowing the phone to easily fit into a small airport portfolio or breast pocket.

BlackBerry Passport to sell for less than competitionIn addition, similar to the most popular devices released by the Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company, the Passport features a physical keyboard. BlackBerry intends to sell its new mobile phone at wireless stores and is hoping to secure large orders of the phone from corporate customers.

This latest release from BlackBerry will be the first completely new device from the company to be launched globally since the BlackBerry 10 devices and since John Chen took over as CEO almost a year ago, a move that was made to help improve the struggling firm.

Full details about the BlackBerry Passport will be revealed at the event.

Many details regarding the BlackBerry Passport have been kept quiet and will be released today at the official unveiling, which is to take place during a media event in multiple cities including Toronto, London and Dubai. In addition to the Passport, it is also believed that the Blackberry Classic will be launched at the multi-city event.