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Mobile commerce drove 30 percent of Black Friday online sales

Of all of the purchases that were made over the internet, 3 in 10 came from smartphones and tablets.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday brought must-have and can’t-miss deals to consumers across the United States and mobile commerce brought a higher proportion of sales than ever before among all of the purchases that were made online.

Smartphones and tablets were used more than ever before on those two days, according to Adobe.

The latest data published by that company showed that almost 1 out of every 3 purchases that were made on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday occurred over mobile commerce. This means that this year more than ever before, consumers had been turning to their smartphones and tablets to browse, discover deals, and actually buy what they found.

The mobile commerce data from Adobe was revealed in its 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping report.

Mobile Commerce - Black Friday SalesThat data suggested that on Thanksgiving Day, 29 percent of sales that took place online occurred over smartphones and tablets. This was an increase from last year’s proportion, which had been 21 percent. At the same time, 27 percent of Black Friday online sales occurred over m-commerce which was an increase over the data from 2013, which was 24 percent.

Smartphones, specifically, traditionally make up a smaller number of the sales that are generated over mobile. This year, they made up 13 percent of the online purchases. That said, this was still a doubling over the figure from last year, which was 7 percent. Tablets made up 16 percent of all online sales during this same period of time, which was a much smaller rise from having been 14 percent, last year.

The data that has been released by Adobe mirrors that of IBM, which came out over the weekend, indicating that 79 percent of sales over mobile commerce came from iOS users. This represented over four times more m-commerce sales than those from Android users, which represented 21 percent. Equally, though, while Android’s share of mobile sales climbed when compared to last year, iOS fell, revealing that while Apple still has a massive lead, it is starting to shrink.

Mobile commerce hits record high on Black Friday

Report highlights the growth of mobile sales and traffic

IBM has released a new report concerning the performance of e-commerce on Thanksgiving and Black Friday of this year. The report shows that online sales reached new heights this year, with mobile sales showing record growth. Retailers had been anticipating that mobile commerce would have a strong showing during the 2013 holiday shopping season, but many have been surprised at just how many people have taken to shopping from their mobile devices this year.

Black Friday proves popular with mobile shoppers

According to IBM’s report, the average order value for online consumers was $135.57 on Thanksgiving Day, a 2.2% increase over what order value had been reported in 2012. Thanksgiving Day saw the greatest degree of foot traffic to physical stores, but consumers opted to shop from their mobile devices during Black Friday. The report shows that mobile traffic to retail websites grew by 39%. Mobile sales also showed healthy growth, with sales spiking 43% over what they had been on Black Friday of 2012.

Smartphones are leading the charge in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce - Black Friday Sales 2013Smartphones were the most popular mobile commerce platform for most consumers. Many favored iOS devices for their mobile shopping forays, but Android devices have been growing more popular for mobile commerce in recent months. The report shows that the majority of mobile sales came from consumers based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Efforts of retailers may be paying off

Retailers have been hard at work trying to engage mobile consumers. Throughout 2013, many retailers have been teaming with mobile commerce firms in order to provide consumers with different and more convenient ways to shop and pay for products. In order to entice consumers, many retailers have been offering special discounts specifically for mobile shoppers. These initiatives have proven quite effective, as IBM’s report shows the strong growth in mobile sales and traffic that have been reported this year.