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North American consumers are embracing mobile payments and digital currencies

Accenture survey highlights the growing prominence of mobile commerce

Accenture has released the results of a new survey comprised of data collected by 4,000 consumers in the United States and Canada. The survey highlights the growing interest people have in mobile payments and digital currencies. More people are beginning to base their lives on mobile technology, and the demand for mobile-centric services has been growing rapidly as a result. Several businesses are moving to become more mobile friendly, favoring strategies that engage mobile consumers more effectively.

40% of North American consumers are using their mobile devices to make payments at merchant locations

According to the survey, 40% of consumers in North America have used their mobile device to make a payment at a merchant location. This is a 16% increase over the number of people making mobile payments two years ago. The survey shows that millennials and high-income consumers are avid supporters of mobile commerce and digital currencies. High-income consumers, those with an average household income of $150,000, are the most aggressive adopters of digital payments, with 55% of these consumers using their mobile devices to make a purchase.

Growing number of consumers are showing favor for digital forms of currency

Mobile Payments - North AmericaThe survey also found that digital currencies are beginning to gain traction among consumers. Approximately 18% of those surveyed expect to be using some form of digital currency on a weekly basis by 2020. Many have shown favor for Bitcoin, as it is one of the most popular digital currencies currently available. High-income consumers are those most likely to use digital currencies in the coming years, with millennials accounting for the minority.

Mobile commerce has yet to become mainstream, traditional payments may continue to be the norm for some time

The survey predicts that traditional forms of payment will become less popular in the coming years. Respondents noted that they expect to reduce their use of cash from now to 2020, favoring mobile-centric forms of payment. Traditional payments may still be the norm for most consumers in North America, as it could takes years for mobile commerce to enter into the mainstream.

BitPay developing new mobile payments app based on NFC technology

Bitcoin continues to gain momentum in the retail space

One of the most powerful trends to emerge in the retail space recently is making the purchase process more convenient for shoppers. A growing number of retailers are beginning to embrace mobile commerce, hoping to streamline the checkout process and make it possible for consumers to get into a physical store and complete their shopping faster than ever before. As mobile shopping grows in popularity, so too is digital currency, such as Bitcoin. This currency is seen as massively convenient , which could make it a powerful mobile commerce tool.

BitPay teams with SumUp to develop new mobile app

BitPay, one of the leading Bitcoin payment processors, is working to make paying with Bitcoin more simpler than it already is. The organization wants to see Bitcoin become more convenient for consumers, but also more attractive for merchants interested in the digital space. In order to do so, BitPay has partnered with SumUp, a developer of point-of-sale systems that accept Bitcoin payments as well as payments made with conventional currencies. Together, the two organizations are developing a new mobile application that will help merchants better connect with consumers.

Demand for Bitcoin payment services is on the rise

bitcoin mobile paymentsBitcoin is gaining more attention in the mobile commerce space because of its high value and versatility. While the digital currency is somewhat volatile due to the lack of regulation policing it, consumers have shown significant interest in using this currency to purchase products online. Bitcoin has been moving into the physical world at a rapid pace as well, with a growing number of merchants accepting this currency in their stores. The demand for payment solutions that accept Bitcoin payments has grown significantly as a result.

New app will leverage NFC technology rather than QR codes

The new app being developed by BitPay and SumUp will be based on NFC technology. For years, Bitcoin payments were largely handled through the use of QR codes. These codes have to be scanned with a mobile device in order to initiate a transaction. Using NFC technology, however, a shopper can simply tap their phone to a point-of-sale system and finalize a payment in a matter of seconds.