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Mobile commerce is exploding in Australia

Report highlights the potential future of the mobile sector in Australia

InMobi has released a new report concerning mobile commerce activity in Australia. The report shows that many people are growing accustomed to the idea of paying for goods and services using their mobile devices. A growing number of people are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online and retailers are taking steps to begin accepting mobile payments in physical stores. In the coming years, Australia may become home to one of the most active mobile commerce markets in the world.

86% of consumers have plans to shop online from a mobile device in the next 12 months

According to the report from InMobi, almost 86% of Australian mobile consumers have plans to engage in some form of mobile commerce within the next 12 months. This is an 11% increase over the number of people that said they would participate in mobile commerce in 2013. Approximately 34% of consumers noted that mobile affected their purchasing decisions in a significant way. These people have been responding to mobile-centric initiatives and marketing more than others.

Mobile accounts for a large portion of overall media consumption among consumers

Australia - Mobile CommerceThe report shows that the average consumer spends nearly 7 hours a day on media consumption, with mobile accounting for 23% of this consumption. Nearly 55% of mobile consumers throughout the country are now using their devices as their primary entertainment source, playing mobile games, interacting on social media platforms, and participating in other mobile-centric activities. The popularity of mobile technology has exposed these people to the idea of mobile commerce and many consumers have shown favor for it.

Security remains an issue that many people are concerned about in the mobile commerce space

Mobile commerce is still relatively new. As such, there are many risks and challenges that exist in this sector that have not yet been addressed. Security is the most serious problem facing mobile commerce currently. While several platforms have offered adequate security solutions to consumers, many more feature lackluster security that can place a consumer’s financial information at risk of exploitation.

Mobile commerce platform hits turbulence in Australia

Australian mobile commerce app runs into trouble

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank recently released its CommBank mobile application that was meant to usher in a new era of mobile commerce throughout the country. The application, however, may not be able to accomplish such an ambitious task because of its use of NFC technology and the fact that it is available specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S4. While NFC has formed the backbone of mobile commerce for some years, the technology is not widely available on mobile devices, making it difficult for many consumers to take advantage of NFC-enabled applications.

Consumers have trouble getting app to work properly

NFC-dependance is not the only problem that the CommBank app has had to deal with. Even users with Galaxy S4 devices have been reporting a great deal of frustration when trying to get the application working properly. According to many consumers, initiating a mobile payment using the application is quite difficult. Moreover, before the application can be used, consumers must input their financial information, such as a credit card number. The application is often unable to store this information or consumers have found great difficulty in actually linking this information to the application itself.

Mobile commerce continues to contend with problems

Mobile Commerce - AustraliaMobile commerce in general has been beset by technical problems for nearly as long as it has existed as a concept. Applications designed as commerce platforms are not perfect and glitches in these platform’s abilities to retain information are somewhat common. Hastily developed applications are more susceptible to failure that those that have been in development for prolonged periods of time, but any kind of application that offers lackluster service can provide consumers with a poor experience.

Consumers run into issues when purchasing from retailers

The CommBank application is also being beset by some unforeseeable problems. Some consumers have reported that retail employees have denied accepting mobile payments, simply because these employees are not yet acclimated to the idea of paying for products using a mobile device. Awareness is often a problem when it comes to the adoption of new technology and unforeseeable issues concerning awareness are difficult to prepare for.