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Mobile marketing is using augmented reality to make a bigger bang

This technology helps to take ads to a whole new level to boost interest and engagement from consumers.

It wasn’t that long ago that augmented reality technology was considered to be nothing more than a mobile marketing gimmick that would come and go within a very short period of time.

However, augmented reality is starting to prove that it is much more than a passing fad.

Mobile marketing has been taking a dramatic leap toward the use of technology and augmented reality has become a central component of that. It has proven itself to be engaging and functional and is continuing to play an ever increasing role in a number of different advertising and promotional campaigns. It has managed to hold its own as marketers seek out more complexity in their smartphone and tablet campaigns, as the penetration of these more high tech devices continues.

As advanced technology plays a more important role in mobile marketing, so will A.R.

Mobile marketing to make bigger bang with AR technologyIt had a bit of a confusing start, particularly as mobile marketing companies attempted to explain what, precisely, augmented reality is, to their customers and to consumers, as well. However, the tremendous potential for interactivity that the technology has shown to have has brought it to life. Consumers are engaged, and the experience of the campaigns has been considerably broadened through its use.

According to Snipp Interactive’s John D. Fauller, “Augmented reality is still very much in the experimental bucket for most brands, and most of the implementations so far are still gimmicky.” He added that “We’re starting to see more focused brand building campaigns using AR and eventually will start seeing truly utility applications using AR – that’s when you know it’s officially here to stay.”

That said, there are still some companies that continue their reliance on the gimmicky side of augmented reality for their mobile marketing campaigns. This is because they are new to the technology and they have not built up their repertoires in terms of how it can be used to its greatest potential. That will come with time as they gain a better understanding of what it is and how their customers can use it.

Augmented reality plays important role in Meredith campaign

The mobile marketing effort is being made in the hopes of reaching the Millennials generation.

Augmented reality is a form of technology that is gaining a much higher level of attention, lately, as it is proving its worth in mobile marketing and advertising, particularly in the younger smartphone carrying generation.

As a growing number of companies advertise over mobile, new and interesting methods are needed.

As the competition for attention becomes more intense over mobile, it is taking new and unique approaches to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true among consumers in the Millennials generation, who use their devices the most and are hit with the largest amount of content over that channel. This is why Meredith has decided to use augmented reality.

By choosing augmented reality, Meredith is hoping to stand out to moms in the Millennial generation.

Augmented reality app targeted to momsAccording to the Meredith Parents Network president, Carey Witmer, evp, despite the fact that Millennials have greatly embraced technology, there hasn’t been much of a depletion of the readership of its print publication. Witmer pointed out that “I don’t know anyone who has ditched print altogether,” and she added that “We see a very stable base of print readers.”

The augmented reality feature is not meant to try to replace the print version of the publication, which Meredith Parents Network feels is as strong as ever. Instead, it is showing that it has embraced the changes that have been made in the average lifestyle of many parents, and is offering additional content that reflects that because it is smartphone or tablet compatible.

The Mom+ app has now been available over several weeks to help to enhance the experience for its readers. Witmer declined to say exactly how many downloads it had received, but she did say that she is encouraged to see that a sweepstakes that requires the app saw over 25,000 entries.

This may seem like a small figure, considering that the augmented reality and mobile strategy from Meredith is a scale play, and the publication has a monthly delivery of 36 million consumer touch points, but the app provides important information as Meredith is looking to roll out a similar model for some of its other brands, such as Every Day and Better Homes and Gardens.