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Apple Watch wearers aren’t worried about battery life

A recent survey has revealed that owners of the smartwatch feel that this is not a concerning issue.

The Apple Watch has a tiny battery of only 205 mAh that had caused many in the industry to predict that the short battery life of the device would be a pain for wearers and that it might turn them off purchasing future generations.

However, a recent survey has shown that owners seem to be just fine with the daily charging.

The battery life survey was conducted by Wristly, and it found that even though Apple Watch wearers get only one day out of their devices before they need to recharge, they seem to be fine with that. In fact, most expressed that they are quite unconcerned about running out of juice before the day is through. The survey involved the participation of more than 1,200 Apple Watch wearers. What they discovered was that nearly half – 44 percent – of users never check their battery level throughout the day.

A massive 95 percent of Apple Watch users said that their device battery life is a full day.

Apple Watch - Battery LifeAnother 84 percent of the smartwatch’s owners said that they were satisfied with the length of time that the battery would last before it would need to be recharged. The primary drain on the battery in this gadget is one of the central Apple Watch features: fitness tracking.

Approximately 45 percent of the participants in the Wristly survey felt that the health features of the smartwatch were those that caused the largest drain on the device battery. Another 19 percent of the respondents said that Maps was the largest drain on their wearables.

What was also interesting was that 88 percent of Apple Watch users said that they charged their smartwatches “at night, no matter what percentage is showing.” This not only implies that the device seemed to run for as long as they needed it during the day, but also that the gadgets were being taken off and charged overnight while their owners were sleeping.

Still, when asked about how satisfied they were with the charging time of the Apple Watch, only 66 percent said that they were “highly satisfied”. The survey didn’t cover the number of wearers that relied on external battery chargers such as portable power banks in order to recharge their devices.

Mobile technology rumor says Apple Watch may soon have a smart band

This speculation has stated that the addition to the wearable tech could arrive as soon as 2016.

According to a new report that has been released by “Letem světem Applem” one of the next upgrades to the mobile technology available from Apple could be a smart band for its smartwatch.

This change in the Apple Watch accessory could occur instead of updating the actual smartwatch.

By adding the mobile technology of a smart band to the Apple Watch, it has the potential to add a number of features and improvements to the smartwatch. For example, the sensors within the smart band wouldn’t just be able to provide the wearer with added biofeedback. Instead, they could also work to actually recharge the device battery. This could help to overcome one of the primary complaints that consumers have about the device, which is that its battery life is simply not long enough when compared to their expectations for the device.

This would involve the use of the hidden diagnostic port within the mobile technology, and it has already been tested.

Mobile Technology RumourTo recharge the wearable tech device, the sensors would use the hidden diagnostic port. That method has already been demonstrated to be effective. The site that has shared this rumor has also indicated that these new bands will also have a number of sensors embedded into it that simply could not be contained within the actual smartwatch.

Moreover, it also claims that there will be a blood pressure sensor, a respiratory rate sensor, and a body temperature sensor. None of those could effectively be housed inside the smartwatch, but they could be worked into a wrist band to provide wearers with biofeedback that has a certain degree of accuracy. The Apple Watch couldn’t, for example, house the body temperature sensor, as the heat of the device itself would change the results of the reading.

Naturally, there has not been any official confirmation of these rumors that smart band mobile technology would be added to the next Apple Watch. Even if it were absolutely true, the company has a strict policy not to reveal any information with regards to upcoming technology, releases, announcements, or other confirmations or denials of rumors.