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Mobile commerce is biting into Apple in China

The tech manufacturer has seen considerable challenges in the country, but it appears to be making headway.

While Apple has struggled to take hold in mobile commerce in China, a highly desirable market, the latest figures are starting to indicate that the manufacturer is starting to find it increasingly easy to sell its iOS based devices within this most populated country in the world.

A recent report from Bloomberg has revealed that Apple is opening many new retail shops in China.

Though this has not necessarily been officially announced, the mobile commerce news has shown that Apple has been hiring a massive new crew of managers in order to be able to provide the various locations with staff. So far, it appears as though there will be six new Apple stores in the works to one day open their doors in various places across China.

The hiring to enhance this mobile commerce experience is occurring in six Chinese cities.

Mobile Commerce - Apple and ChinaIt is therefore assumed that there will be one Apple store placed in each of those various urban areas. The hiring is for outlets that will be located in Shenyang, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, and Tianjin.

At the moment, none of those cities have an Apple retail store location, which makes it appear even more evident that any hiring that will occur there will be for a shop that will be opening its doors in the future, as it cannot be for one that is already in existence. Another indicator that has been suggesting that the stores will be coming soon is that there is another iPhone anticipated before the end of the year. In fact, the majority of the mobile technology industry is in relative agreement that it will be launched by this fall.

That said, while it is quite likely that Apple retail stores will be opening in those Chinese cities in order to take advantage of the mobile commerce opportunity of having more shops in this massively populated country once the iPhone 6 is released, that also has not been confirmed by any official sources. Equally, it would make the spread of the devices in China much easier for the country if the doors were open in time.

Apple is getting serious about mobile payments

Tech company may break into the mobile commerce space this year

Apple may make a definitive move into the mobile commerce space this year. The prominent technology company has long held a significant position in the mobile space, but not when it comes to commerce. As mobile payments become more common among consumers, Apple is beginning to feel the pressure to accommodate the interests of these consumers and beat back the competition coming from other technology companies that are seeking to establish dominance in the mobile commerce field.

iTunes may become Apple’s payments platform

Apple does have a modest presence when it comes to commerce, achieving this presence through the iTunes platform. The platform allows users to purchase a range of products with their credit cards, but Apple may have plans to expand the capabilities of the platform to include digital wallet services. Alleged meetings between Apple’s various divisions and executives suggest that the company is becoming very serious when it comes to exploring ways to develop its own mobile payments service for its customers.

Apple reportedly meeting with experts in order to better understand mobile commerce

apple mobile paymentsIn January of this year, rumors began to circulate concerning Apple’s intentions with mobile commerce. For the past few years, the company’s commerce efforts have largely been restricted to the digital space. Now, however, Apple has been looking into ways to make it possible for consumers to purchase physical goods using an iOS device and, potentially, and iTunes account. Apple executives are reportedly meeting with experts in the mobile commerce industry to further develop a concept for its approach to its mobile commerce efforts.

Company intends to avoid challenges that exist in the mobile commerce space

Apple has been cautious with its plans for mobile payments. Because mobile commerce is still relatively new, there are many challenges in the field that have yet to be overcome. Smaller companies have fallen victim to these challenges and have struggled to reclaim their position in the mobile commerce sector. Apple is keen to present its customers with a payments service that is both secure and efficient to use.