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The first deal for Apple Pay in Australia sealed by ANZ Bank

ANZ has become the country’s first bank to support Apple’s mobile payment service.

Apple Pay, Apple’s digital wallet service, has made its way to Australia, with ANZ bank being the first in the country to support the mobile payments solution. According to Reuters, Apple Pay in Australia will be extended to ANZ customers, who will be able to register credit cards on their iPhones to pay for goods and services by swiping or waving the devices over contactless payment terminals. Via the Apple Pay service, Apple charges card providers for transactions.

ANZ is confident that Apple Pay will be well received by their customers.

The deal with Apple was confirmed by the Australian bank on Thursday morning. In a statement, ANZ CEO Shayne Elliot said that the introduction of Apple’s digital wallet service is a major milestone in their strategy to utilize digital technology to offer their customers a superior experience “and will be a watershed moment in the adoption of mobile payments in Australia.”

Apple Pay in Australia - ANZ BankApparently, the demand for Apple Pay in Australia has been huge from ANZ customers. Elliott said that the bank is confident that the security, privacy and convenience of the service will be well received by their clients.

Elliott added that “With the high adoption rates of contactless payments in Australia, our customers will be world leaders in their ability to use their mobiles to make the vast bulk of essential payments.”

Apple Pay in Australia will no doubt boost the country’s adoption of contactless payments.

Currently, over 60% of all card transactions in the nation are contactless, a far higher percentage compared to the United States.

However, digital technology, like Apple’s mobile transactions solution, is making progress in the financial industry. This has prompted traditional Australian banks like ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and National Australia Bank to improve their digital services.

In addition to launching Apple Pay in Australia, Apple has introduced the service to other countries where banks were reluctant to get on board, such as the United States and Britain. It has also launched its mobile payments service in China and, most recently, in Singapore.

Apple is getting serious about mobile payments

Tech company may break into the mobile commerce space this year

Apple may make a definitive move into the mobile commerce space this year. The prominent technology company has long held a significant position in the mobile space, but not when it comes to commerce. As mobile payments become more common among consumers, Apple is beginning to feel the pressure to accommodate the interests of these consumers and beat back the competition coming from other technology companies that are seeking to establish dominance in the mobile commerce field.

iTunes may become Apple’s payments platform

Apple does have a modest presence when it comes to commerce, achieving this presence through the iTunes platform. The platform allows users to purchase a range of products with their credit cards, but Apple may have plans to expand the capabilities of the platform to include digital wallet services. Alleged meetings between Apple’s various divisions and executives suggest that the company is becoming very serious when it comes to exploring ways to develop its own mobile payments service for its customers.

Apple reportedly meeting with experts in order to better understand mobile commerce

apple mobile paymentsIn January of this year, rumors began to circulate concerning Apple’s intentions with mobile commerce. For the past few years, the company’s commerce efforts have largely been restricted to the digital space. Now, however, Apple has been looking into ways to make it possible for consumers to purchase physical goods using an iOS device and, potentially, and iTunes account. Apple executives are reportedly meeting with experts in the mobile commerce industry to further develop a concept for its approach to its mobile commerce efforts.

Company intends to avoid challenges that exist in the mobile commerce space

Apple has been cautious with its plans for mobile payments. Because mobile commerce is still relatively new, there are many challenges in the field that have yet to be overcome. Smaller companies have fallen victim to these challenges and have struggled to reclaim their position in the mobile commerce sector. Apple is keen to present its customers with a payments service that is both secure and efficient to use.