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Thermostat Shopping; Where to Buy

You’ve given it much thought, and it is time for a thermostat upgrade. It is a smart decision; with an upgrade, you’ll enjoy more control, efficiency, save energy, among other benefits. You’ve narrowed your options, ensuring that the Vive thermostat is compatible with your system, within your budget, and matching your preferences, among other considerations. But, where do you buy it? Online shopping is a go-to for many consumers. It is convenient, and with an extensive pool, you can land great bargains. Nonetheless, you can’t pick just about any vendor. You need a reliable and reputable thermostat shop. So, how do you go about it? Here are some pointers to help you spot and pick the best Vive thermostat online shop.

Customer service

While you’ve done your homework, you might still have some questions.  As such, ensuring that you pick a service with a good customer support team shouldn’t take the backseat. You may want to dive in a little deeper, with specifics that are best explained by a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Apart from such information, your shopping experience could hit a snag. In such circumstances, the last thing you want is your concerns falling on deaf ears. An active customer service team makes the shopping experience a breeze. This includes dealing with the not-so-good aspects such as returns and exchanges, as they are with you every step of the way, providing prompt and practical assistance.

Thermostat Buying guide (1)

Products collection

Are you looking for an older model or an advanced Vive thermostat? Some items are hard to find, but it doesn’t mean you should settle. As you pick a vendor, browse through their products and ensure they boast an extensive collection. This means that your shopping quest won’t be frustrating, forcing you to pick a Vive thermostat that doesn’t mark all boxes on your checklist.


A warrant gives you peace of mind as you invest in a Vive thermostat. Nonetheless, warrants aren’t all equal. Read and understand the terms. Some vendors provide extensive warrants with friendlier terms. This saves you a lot more money in the long run, making it a wise investment. For instance, a product might seem a bit expensive but comes with a two-year warranty. That would be better than a cheap option with only a few months or no warranty. Invest in value; those irresistible offers can be a lot more expensive.


When can you expect the thermostat? The best services offer friendly terms such as same-day shipping. This ensures that you get the thermostat within the shortest period possible, ensuring that you stick to your project’s timeline. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs. You might be surprised by crafty vendors who charge hefty shipping costs. The best provides free standard shipping, helping you to save more money. Read the shipping terms before you checkout; it’ll save you from the last-minute shocks that can be frustrating.

As you vet the vendor, don’t forget to read and understand the returns policy. What are the warrant return policies? A warrant is only as good as the value it offers. Don’t discount the non-warranty returns either. With friendly returns terms, you’ll ensure that you get the value of your investment.

New partnership seeks to grow mobile commerce in Mexico

Companies team together to bolster mobile commerce

AnywhereCommerce, a Canadian mobile commerce firm, has entered into a new partnership with Prosa, a provider of merchant services based in Mexico. Through this partnership, the two companies will work to make mobile payments more accessible to consumers throughout Mexico and give retailers and merchants the ability to facilitate mobile commerce. The concept of mobile commerce has been growing more attractive to consumers as more people get their hands on smartphones and tablets. AnywhereCommerce and Prosa are keen to take advantage of the growing demand for mobile commerce services.

Prosa to deploy payment systems from AnywhereCommerce

Prosa will deploy AnywhereCommerce’s aCommerce Gateway platform, which is capable of accepting payments from credit and debit cards as well as mobile devices. Prosa will also be deploying a range of mobile point-of-sale devices from AnywehreCommerce. Merchants can use these systems to accept payments being made from smartphones and tablets. Both companies believe that this technology will provide merchants with more flexibility in the way they engage consumers.

Retailers have some trouble breaking into mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Partnership - MexicoMobile commerce offers a degree of convenience that has rarely been seen in the retail field. Many retailers, however, have had problems with their adoption of mobile commerce in recent years. Several companies have failed to optimize their websites for mobile viewing, providing consumers with a poor shopping experience. Others have utilized mobile commerce platforms that are based on proprietary technology, which has limited people’s access to mobile payments in a significant way.

AnywhereCommerce services are not wholly reliant on NFC technology

The mobile commerce services offered by AnywhereCommerce can be accessible by both Android and iOS devices. This makes these services much more accessible to consumers, many of whom have been excluded from participating in mobile commerce in the past due to the lack of NFC-enabled devices. NFC technology may be one of the foundations of mobile commerce, but the technology may soon be replaced due to the fact that many consumers do not yet have access to mobile devices that are equipped with NFC chips.