Mobile commerce shows promising growth in the United Kingdom

Mobile commerce has bemobile commerce growthen growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. Several UK retailers and other businesses have begun adopting mobile commerce as a way to engage a new generation of consumers. Many UK consumers have become heavily reliant on their mobile devices, thus creating a promising opportunity for businesses to engage these people wherever they may be. A new study from Affiliate Window, an affiliate network based in the UK, shows that the efforts that companies are putting into mobile engagement are beginning to pay off.

Study shows mobile activity spikes by 13% in October

According to the study, mobile activity in the UK has grown by more than 13% in October, up from the 12% it had been in September of this year. The study suggests that the growth is largely due to the excitement being generated by the approaching holiday season. UK retailers are keen to ensure that the most important time of the year for them will pull in as many consumers as possible. These retailers have chosen mobile marketing as a way to engage consumers and have adopted mobile commerce to provide them with convenient services.

Android outperforms iOS

The study shows that sales made through mobile devices, including tablets, has reached 10.7% in the UK. This marks major progress in terms of UK mobile commerce, as this is more than double the mobile sales that were recorded in October 2011.The study also shows that the Android platform is the most popular amongst mobile consumers when it comes to purchase made from a mobile device. The platform saw a 26% growth in sales volume during September of this year, more than the 17% the iOS platform saw during the same period.

Momentum may dwindle after holiday season

Affiliate Window notes that much of the hype surrounding mobile commerce and activity is largely due to the upcoming holiday season. Retailers have been making a concerted effort to promote the services they offer mobile consumers. Whether mobile commerce will continue to grow in popularity after the holiday season has ended has yet to be seen.