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Zipwhip Chooses AdaptiveMobile to Keep Its Fast-Growing Enterprise-to-Person (E2P) Text Messaging Service Abuse-Free

AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile security, today announced that Zipwhip, the leader in enterprise-to-person (E2P) communications, has selected the company’s Network Platform Protection (NPP) and Messaging Security Product for protection across North America. Zipwhip is the backbone for E2P messaging in the United States. All SMS and MMS traffic from wireless carriers to toll-free phone numbers and most business landline numbers are routed through Zipwhip. Zipwhip has achieved impressive growth with virtually no instances of unsolicited messages, spam or other threats, and the company has chosen AdaptiveMobile to keep its customers’ communications abuse-free. Other service providers have followed Zipwhip’s decision to choose AdaptiveMobile’s Messaging Security Solution, making it the leading choice for E2P messaging protection in North America.

Zipwhip’s cloud-based texting platform lets businesses add text messaging to any existing landline or toll-free phone number. Incoming texts are routed to a computer, tablet or smartphone. For companies in any industry – but especially those in insurance, automotive, staffing, fitness, transportation, radio and healthcare – Zipwhip provides an easy, cost-effective way to reach customers using their preferred method of communication: text message.

“Customers love text messaging, and it is a powerful way to communicate, provided the customer receives only sanctioned messages from brands they trust,” said John Lauer, CEO and Co-Founder of Zipwhip. “AdaptiveMobile understands the damage that spam can do, and the company’s technology is a powerful means to make sure the Zipwhip network remains abuse-free.”

“As the emerging leader in a space we expect to grow exponentially in North America, Zipwhip is the type of innovative customer we seek,” said Brian Collins, CEO of AdaptiveMobile. “Zipwhip is transforming the way that companies interact with customers by allowing enterprise-to-person texting. AdaptiveMobile can draw on its decade-long experience in the mobile security industry, knowledge of threat prevention, and carrier-grade technology to help make sure this growth occurs in an environment that is free of unsolicited communications.”

Mobile security protection increases from carriers

The giants around the world are now giving their efforts to combat threats and spam a boost.

According to the results of a recent mobile security protection forecast report from Infonetics Research, there will be a number of new efforts put into place in order to help to do battle with the increasing amount of spam and number of threats from unethical marketers and cyber criminals.

The report has provided tracking of SMS and multimedia messaging service (MMS) security gateways.

According to the Infonetics Research principal analyst for security, Jeff Wilson, the popularity of the use of SMS and MMS has increased considerably over the last ten years. However, it is only just now that carriers around the world are starting to pay attention to mobile security protection and the deployment of SMS and MMS security gateway solutions. He said that these giants have been “forced by economic, regulatory, and attack conditions.”

The mobile security protection trend is also a response to growing regulatory pressure.

Mobile security protectionWilson also pointed out that major carriers within specific regions are looking at solutions for this purpose. As an example, he pointed out the adoption of Cloudmark/TeleDNA which was recently deployed in India.

Among the other points that were published in the report are as follows:

• Approximately 10 trillion SMS and MMS messages are sent each year. This presents a broadening opportunity for cyber criminals to hack and send spam.
• Carriers are boosting their mobile security protection spending on gateway solutions that are meant to stop spam and threats in SMS/MMS.
• Throughout the length of 2013, it is believed that there was a 70 percent increase in the size of the SMS/MMS security market when compared to 2012, bringing it to $70 million.
• AdaptiveMobile and Cloudmark have become the current leaders in revenue within this specific market space.
• This year will be bringing consolidation within the industry for SMS/MMS security gateways. This will bring focus to the different players that already exist as well as those entering into the space, and will be built on a foundation supported by major networking/telecom equipment suppliers.