Tablet commerce is doing very well in the Philippines

Some of the data most recently released by the IDC has shown that the country is holding strong in shipments.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has now released its Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker report, which has shown that the Philippines is experiencing extremely strong tablet commerce in terms of the number of those devices that were shipped to the country during the first quarter of this year.

This indicates that the Philippines is an extremely important market among emerging countries.

The IDC data points directly at the Philippines in terms of being highly important for tablet commerce sales. When all is said and done, there were 598,375 of these mobile devices shipped during this year’s first quarter. This represents a massive growth when compared to the same quarter, in 2013. The year over year increase is estimated to be 110 percent, which represents the highest growth among all Southeast Asian countries.

There are certain players that have stood out among the rest in terms of tablet commerce sales.

tablet commerce - Mobile shoppingAt the moment, in the Philippines, it is Apple and Samsung that are holding the lead in terms of tablet sales in the country. The largest number of sales was achieved by Samsung, with Apple holding the second place. That said, those international players continue to face a growing level of competition from local manufacturers.


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Vendors from the Philippines are starting to build a considerable amount of strength within their own country. Among the strongest, two that are currently standing out include Starmobile and Cherry Mobile. These two companies have managed to make quite the name for themselves by using powerful mobile marketing campaigns that include endorsements from some of the top celebrities in that part of the world.

According to IDC Philippines associate market analyst, Jerome Dominguez, who made a statement about the tablet commerce achievements in the country, “Backed by cash-rich marketing and A-list celebrity endorsements, Cherry Mobile and Starmobile continue to feed the appetite of Filipino consumers for budget-friendly tablets. The rising demand for tablets from these homegrown players will keep the Philippines tablet market on a growth trajectory in 2014.”

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