T-commerce optimized website launched by Stella & Dot

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t-commerce Stella & Dot websiteThe new site has been created specifically with tablet using “stylists” in mind.

Stella & Dot has just announced the unveiling of their new T-commerce website that has been optimized specifically for tablet users and not simply those who have smartphones.

Approximately 80 to 90 percent of the traffic to the site is from what the retailer calls “stylists”.

The “stylists” who visit the regular site as well as the new t-commerce website are people who hold trunk show parties and who sell the accessories and jewelry from Stella & Dot to their friends and family. The company had discovered over the last several months that a growing number of their stylists were bringing their tablets – primarily iPads – with them when they were holding their parties. They would use the devices to be able to better illustrate the entire selection of different products and be able to take additional orders while on location, instead of having to wait until they had returned home in order to complete the orders on their laptops or desktops.

That said, the t-commerce site can also be used by individual customers, who also make their purchases there.

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of the traffic to the StellaDot.com website comes directly from consumers. While 30 percent of that total amount of consumer traffic is over mobile, t-commerce represents 80 percent of all of the traffic from mobile devices. This makes tablets an exceptionally important part of their mobile business. Among the tablet users, 90 percent are visiting the site over iPads.

Stella & Dot has clearly identified the devices that are being used by their customers and stylists, and are now working with Mobify, a mobile commerce technology vendor, in order to launch a website that has been carefully optimized with the t-commerce visitor in mind.

According to the chief information officer from Stella & Dot, Eduardo Frias, who spoke about the t-commerce updates, “I would not be surprised if tablet traffic doubles between now and next year.” He added that “Our technology roadmap for next year is heavily laden with smartphone-friendly and tablet-friendly initiatives to keep taking advantage of the boom in tablets and smartphones.”

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