Survey highlights the growth of mobile commerce in the Asia Pacific region

Survey shows that mobile commerce is growing quickly in throughout the Asia Pacific region

MasterCard has released the results of its latest Online Shopping Survey 2014, which highlights the growth of digital commerce across 14 nations in the Asia Pacific region. Mobile commerce, in particular, has been quite popular in this region. More consumers are beginning to favor their mobile devices when shopping and the mobile Internet is expanding in many countries, making it easier for consumers to shop online. The Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing mobile commerce markets in the world.

China continues to be a leading mobile commerce market, with India following closely behind

According to the survey from MasterCard, China continues to lead n terms of mobile shoppers, with approximately 70% of the country’s mobile population using their devices to shop online. India may be the fastest growing mobile market, however, as smartphone penetration is accelerating throughout the country. Many Indian consumers are beginning to favor shopping from their mobile devices and they are taking advantage of new mobile commerce services that have been launching in the country.

Availability of mobile apps and services makes it easier for consumers to participate in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce - Asia Pacific RegionThe survey shows that the growing availability of applications and services is making it easier for consumers to shop online from their mobile devices. These apps are quite popular, reaching the top of the list of items bought in the Asia Pacific region. Smartphones have also reached the top of this list, with more consumers opting to spend money on devices. These devices are being used for much more than basic communication and have become an integral part of people’s lives.

India may soon become the world’s leading mobile commerce market

India is expected to become a leading mobile commerce market in the coming years. The country already boasts of a powerful e-commerce market, which is becoming more mobile-centric as consumers begin to rely more heavily on their smartphones and tablets. A growing number of Indian retailers are investing more in the mobile space in order to connect with a new generation of consumers.

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